8 Ways to Declutter Your Life!

Ever heard of the idea that physical clutter creates mental clutter? If you’re finding it hard to focus or difficult to get motivated (and who isn’t these days?), having a disordered place to live is certainly not helping. Sometimes we all get in over our heads and think “how did I let my place get so messy?” Don’t panic, there are many solutions for getting your home and your life back in order and looking shipshape.

1. Firstly, grab a garbage bag!

The best way to declutter your home and, in turn, organise your life is to grab a garbage bag and do a home cleanse. One bag for all of the rubbish lying around the house and another for anything that can be donated to an opp shop. If something is causing a clutter in your home and you can’t remember the last time you used it, or why you even have it in the first place, get rid of it. With a good cleanse under your belt, you can move on to tidying up!

2. Take the two minute tidying challenge

The two minute challenge is the best way to dive head first into a cleaning frenzy. Set yourself a time of two minutes (or five minutes if your feeling lucky 😉 ) and tidy up as much of your house as possible. Straighten out the clutter on your kitchen bench. Grab all of the dishes from around the house and chuck them in the sink or in the dishwasher, throw all of the dirty clothes into the washing machine. It’s surprising how much you can actually achieve in just a few minutes. This will condense the clutter into mini tasks that you can begin to tackle one-by-one.

3. Make your things accessible

If everything is tidy and neatly put away but you find your things are hard to get out or hard to put away, let’s face it, at some point shortcuts will be taken and things will get out of control again and create a mess. Having a way to keep things tidy but still accessible is an important part of keeping things organised. A great way to keep your cupboards tidy is to grab some clear and stackable containers. This way you can easily see what is in each container and tidying up is as simple as stacking them up! We recommend Lock n Lock containers for the kitchen, and clear shoe boxes for the closet.

Lock n Lock Containers

4. Do things immediately!

This tip is for future reference, after you’ve put all of this effort into decluttering your home and your life, keep up the momentum of keeping the house tidy by doing things immediately. If you put off something small that takes only a few minutes to accomplish, it can weigh on your mind as “just another thing I have to do”. Unless you really, really can’t (eg the house is on fire, you’re about to get a high score on the Candy Crush or there’s a spider in the way) unload the dishwasher as soon as it’s finished, same for the washing machine and wiping down the countertop. If you wait for the perfect time to do boring shit, it will never come! Don’t let these small tasks take up your mental energy by getting them done quickly and efficiently.

5. Have a space for mess

Mess is inevitable! Most of the time, culprits for mess include those bills in the kitchen that are lying around and other miscellaneous things that have no place. Having a box for all of these types of “clutter” means you can keep everything tidy, plus you’ll always know exactly where to look to find random things that seem to always go missing.

6. Cleaning your car

Don’t forget about cleaning up your car. A messy car leads to a chaotic, disheveled feeling in your life, so make sure your car is cleaned out regularly. If you often have rubbish in the car, have a bag to keep it in so that cleaning the car is easy. This car boot compartment organiser are great for cars that have a lot of things floating around, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Car boot organiser

7. Invite some people over

This tip might seem a little counterproductive, I mean, you don’t want people coming over if your home is messy right? Well, it’s the best way to motivate yourself to get the house back in order! You’ll be tricked into ensuring that the house has been made tidy before they arrive.

8. Reward yourself for cleaning

Let’s be honest, cleaning is the worst. Sometimes it just seems like it is the never ending bane of our existences. So to ensure we get to the end of our cleaning efforts with an intact will to live, we say treat yourself! Whether it’s taking yourself our for a nice meal, doing a spot of online shopping, or purchasing something nice for your home, treating yourself to something special will make it all worthwhile.

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What’s your tip for decluttering at home? Let us know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “8 Ways to Declutter Your Life!”

  1. Once garbage bags are full take them straight to the car boot. Don’t leave them in the house because at night you make the irrational decision to keep something you don’t need.If it is still in the house it is easy to retrieve.

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  2. It’s simple. Everything in my home has its own ‘home’. Everything. I do what needs to be done IMMEDIATELY rather than ‘later’ and by doing this i never spend hours cleaning. It’s always just a few minutes as I’m doing other things. Unless I’m vaccuming and mopping, cleaning never takes over my life. But even with 4 kids i must admit, my home is clean and organized. And i swear, there is no fuss doing it. 🙂 Oh, and a clean and tidy kitchen generally sets the standard – wipe down the kitchen often ans keep the benches clutter free by giving everything a home, and you’ll feel much better for it.


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