6 Different Style of Watches You Need to Start Your Collection

In the world of fashion, there’s an ever-growing catalogue of different styles. So really, if you love wearing watches, owning one watch is simply not enough ;). There are sporty watches, dressy watches, and watches with quirks that add an element of interest to your style. Collecting watches is a growing style trend, so how do you get started?

If you’re looking to create a watch collection, here’s a few staple styles to get your started!

The sports watch

All the gym-junkies and sportswear lovers will be familiar with this style of sports watch. Usually found in bright colours with silicone or plastic bands. This style of watch is perfect when you’re working out or going for a walk with friends.

converse-women-s-the-skinny-watch-pink-greensurfwear watch mens

The vintage watch

Who doesn’t love a little bit of vintage? Throwback to when glamour and sophistication were the epitome of style. For the guys, we love this men’s Tommy Hilfiger leather watch with classic American style. For Ladies, go vintage with a rose gold Fossil watch with slim chain-style band and pair with some bracelets for a classic layered look.


The dress watch

Getting dressed up is the perfect occasion to don your latest timepiece. Great brands to look to for sophisticated, dressed up watches include Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs (just to name a few). Of course, we’d love to all own our our Cartier collection, but whose got that type of money sitting around?



The tech watch

Time to get digital! 21st century is all about digital and if you’re not into the whole Apple watch scenario then a good digital watch works well! Some even have Bluetooth functionality to link up with your smart phone. Great for getting call and email alerts and for those times when you need to find your lost phone.

casio-baby-g-analogue-digital-watch-yellow casio-g-shock-2nd-gen-bluetooth-smart-watch-black-

The leather band watch

Nothing says quality like a good leather band. Women’s leather band watches are great for both dressed up and dressed down occasions. Men’s watches in leather exude style and confidence; go for something with a light brown leather for a different look.


The quirky watch

For those times when you feel like wearing something fun, unique and a little bit out there! Go for something with bright colours, bold patterns and something that is bound to get you the right type of attention!











If you like something you see here and you’re ready to grab a new watch to add to your collection, click on the images and check out the range of watches available on Catch of the Day! You’ve always got time for a new watch! Get it? Good one! 

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Do you have a watch collection? What’s your favourite go-to style for watches?

16 thoughts on “6 Different Style of Watches You Need to Start Your Collection”

  1. Magnificent selection. In future I will be using this as an alternative to the Heimlich maneuver. It is so effective in dislodging objects from the digestive and respiratory system, assistance from a second party is no longer required. Kudos!


      1. Great.
        Thank you for asking.
        First it’s not about spending thousands & thousands.
        Personally, I love Panerai, have 4. See links below
        Also have a Rolex deep sea dblue, the Melbourne Watch Co Avalon PB watch I’ve co design
        Also, an Orient & a 7 Friday.

        Please have a read.

        Watch collection




        Avalon PB watch

        Fashion blog pod cast about watches


      2. Thanks for the links Pierrick. Did we notice a common thread between the articles? 😉

        Looks like you definitely know your stuff. Our guide focused for more affordable fashion watches for the everyday budget, but when we have a spare few thousand dollars a Rolex would be amazing!

        Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂


    1. Hey Markus,

      We are very pro safety here, although we are sorry to hear that these watches are not to your taste, we are very glad that we’ve solved any potential choking hazards you may have, you are welcome.


  2. The last time I saw a collection like this, you inserted a $2 coin into the machine, twisted the knob and out came the watch in a plastic bubble.


    1. Hey Adrian,

      Those machines were the best. Much better than games where you had to trade tickets for prizes. So inefficient.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Go Catchoftheday!
    Out of this world the selections you guys have.
    Freakin’ crazy variety of selections!
    U have no idea how I want to buy them all.
    Cept I don’t think i’ll have enough cash haha!
    Keep saving up I guess!
    Yourselves are awesome!


  4. I’m so impressed by your selection of watches listed above. I’m wondering if you would be able to help me sponser my watch clubs next get together. We are a very close community and I believe that if they where just made aware of the amazing pieces you have on offer they would definitely become some of your best customers.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and I look forward to seeing what other exciting horological masterpieces you will have on offer in the near future.


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