How to Style a Pom Pom Rug and use pastel colours in your home

Top 7 Autumn Updates For The Home!

Autumn is a season full of colour and freshness with the weather cooling down and the relaxed season of summer passing. April is a particularly busy time at home for families, with kids at home for school holidays and guests coming over for Easter celebrations.

To help you spruce up your home for this busy season, we’ve picked out our top 7 autumn updates from decor and style to activities to embrace in autumn:

1. Be bold and bright in the kitchen

Even though the weather might be fading, you can always keep your home bright by adding some new eye-catching pieces and the kitchen is a great place to start. Bold kitchen accessories such as these bamboo fibre snack bowls are perfect for entertaining over Easter. Autumn is also a great time of year to get into the baking mood so picking up some fun baking goodies is always a nice touch. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies in the house!

Ecology Seasons Snack Set Bamboo Fibre

2. Add some warmth

As the nighttime temp starts to drop, especially in the lower half of the country, it’s time to bring out the throw rugs to add a little warmth to your living room and bedroom. We love Sheridan throw rugs, made with 100% luxury Egyptian cotton. Ultimate softness for the colder seasons to come.

If your home has floorboards, another way to bring warmth into the house is by adding or updating with a seasonal rug.

3. For your bedroom

Pastel colours are great for the bedroom because they are soft and plain but still playful. A bright new bedspread will liven up and breathe new life into the room. Go for interesting patterns and pops of colour to really make a statement.

To update your bedroom decor, go for natural tones and greenery to bring the earthiness of the autumn season into the home for a fresh feeling.


4. Tis the season to get juicing

When it comes to juicing, the most common trend these days is cold press. Cold press juicing involves slowly squeezing and pressing the juice out of the fruit rather than using high speed blades. This way the juice retains quality nutrients and enzymes that pack a healthy punch into your glass of  juice. Upping your intake of orange juice with give you a good dose of Vitamin C to help you and your family prepare for the cold and flu season, so get some fresh juice habits into your home.

How to cold press juice

5. Keep the house smelling fresh

Burning candles will release essential oils and wonderful fragrances into the air and give your home an inviting scent. Now that is it cooler, it’s more appropriate to be burning candles than in Summer. Or, if your not a candle person, we love diffuser reeds, which slowly release scents into the air as the aromatic oils are soaked into the bamboo reeds.

paddywax candles

6. Our product pick for the school holiday season

Nothing says style in the kids bedroom this season more than a pom pom rug. The kids are busy at home with activites for the school holidays, so one of these in their room is a fun, new addition. Watch our pom pom styling video below:

7. Get out into the garden

As April is the best month of the year to plant bulbs,  get out into the garden this season and add some new bulbs to your flowerbeds to ensure healthy blooms in Spring.  With a few extra days off over Easter, there’s no better time for some gardening updates to last through Winter.

What’s your go-to update for sprucing up your home in Autumn? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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