Mother's Day Gift Guide

How to Choose The Best Mother’s Day Gift and What Not to Write on the Card

Mother’s Day comes around so quickly every year and can put the pressure on when you have to find the perfect present for your amazing mother or mother-in-law. Sure, picking a present in primary school was easy, with the Mother’s Day stall at your beck-and-call and a simple cellophane wrapped bar of soap was the best present ever. Nowadays the endless choice of gift ideas can be so overwhelming, so to make you feel at ease we’ve created this guide of do’s and dont’s for Mother’s Day.

Do’s and dont’s of writing on your Mother’s Day card:

1. Try not to refer to your Mother as a piece of poo

Mum your a piece of poo
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2. Keep focused, compliment your mother before complimenting yourself

6-36375-8_enhanced-buzz-20689-1330626296-29-1362613634 Via ninetoninemag
Image via ninetoninemag

3. Try not to resort to violence to show your mum how much you care

Dear Mum
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4. Make sure you fact check before referencing what your mum does for work

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5.  Showing that you’re in touch with your Mum’s interests is always good!

Mother's Day Ellen
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6. And always make sure to remind her of how much you appreciate her hard work.

Thank you mom for making me food so I dont die
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Now that we’ve covered the art of mastering a great Mother’s Day card, let’s get on with the good stuff!

How to Choose the Best Gift to Suit Your Mum

If your Mum loves home design and crafts:

If your Mother loves anything homewares related and lives to bake delicious treats, then play to her love of the home by choosing something to inspire her to create. Whether it be some new baking toys to play with, some stylish new kitchenwares or even something crafty, she will love something that allows her to unleash her creative streak.

Home Design Gift Ideas

1. Martha Stewart White Pom Poms
2. Martha Stewart Cupcake Stand
3. Design Your Home by Shaynna Blaze
4. Muffin Baking Tray and Cupcake Holders
5.  Maxwell & Williams Vivacious Dinner Set

If your mum is into healthy living and is a fitness fanatic

If your mum is the first one up in the morning, with her running shoes on or perhaps her yoga mat, ready to get a good workout in, then chances are she will love anything that will make her workout even better. From healthy living cookbooks to stylish activewear, you’re sure to find something that your mum needs or wants. A new jumper for winter or a trendy new fitness tech band will certainly impress!

Healthy Living Fitness Gift Ideas

1. The 20/20 Diet Cookbook by Lola Berry
2. Bonds Fleece Hoodie
3. New Balance Women’s Running Shoes
4. Misfit Flash Activity and Sleep Monitor
5. Track n Field Compression Tights

If your mum is a woman of style

Stylish mums are always easy to buy for when you know the brands they like to match their personal style. Think of some of your mum’s favourite brands and look for stylish pieces that you know your mum will love. Watches are always a great gift idea, and jewellery is always appreciated. Of course, when all else fails, every woman loves a good pair of pyjamas.

Style and Brand Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Truman Watch 
2. OPI Take Ten Nail Lacquer Collection
3. Sass & Bide Dazed & Amused Sunglasses
4. Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet
5. Jethro and Jackson Women’s Fractured Floral PJ Pants

If your mum is a masterchef!

There’s just something about a home-cooked meal that always tastes so much better. If your mum is a masterchef in her own right, then she deserves to be rewarded.Think about what your mum loves to cook and play to those ideas. New cookbooks are always great for inspiration and if your mum is a foodie then cookbooks written by her favourite chefs are a winner. Other gift ideas are platters and/or boards for her to present her amazing creations on, or perhaps a nice tea set so that she can kick back and unwind after a whipping up a good meal.

Masterchef Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals DVD collection
2. Matt Preston Cookbook 
3. Italian Food Safari Cookbook
4. French Inspired Urbain Coutellerie Cheese Board & Knife
5. BODUM Tea Maker Set

If your mum loves a good tech accessory

Busy mums are always looking for things to make their lives easier. They are always on the run and tech accessories are a great gift idea to help them out and show that you care. Lifeproof phone cases are stylish and very practical to protect phones from all types of mess. If your mum loves a great family photo, a selfie stand will go down a treat. Treat her to something new, exciting and something that will work with the technology that she has.

Tech Accessories


1. The Selfie Snapper 
2. Lifeproof Phone Case
3. Kobo Wifi Tablet
4. KeyCover Hard Case Keyboard for iPad
5. Bamboo Wireless Touchpad

Have you had any hilarious Mother’s Day present fails? Don’t worry, we all have! We would love to hear your stories so share them in the comments with us!

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