How to Make a “Chunky Monkey” Breakfast Protein Smoothie

Here in the office, we love whipping up our breakfast using the best superfoods we can find in the Grocery Run kitchen. With a good protein powder base, this Chunk Monkey smoothie makes for a nutritious breakfast with a protein hit and a sweet kick!

See how we whip up our Chunky Monkey smoothie in the video!

The Chunky Monkey breakfast smoothie

Time to make: under 5 minutes, quick and easy for breakfast on the go!
Steps: 3. Prep. blend and enjoy…


One banana
300mL Milk – cow, soy, almond, coconut or any milk of choice
Two scoops of Muscle Milk Chocolate Protein Powder
One heaped tbsp Peanut Butter
Half tsp of pure Vanilla Extract
Sweeten if desired – we added a splash of quality Maple Syrup and Vanilla extract


1. Chop up your banana!
2. Pour milk into blender
3. Scoop out the Muscle Milk Chocolate protein powder into the blender and add the peanut butter and chopped banana.
4. Add a splash of vanilla and maple syrup for a sweeter taste.
If you like…add a Superfood: Coconut Oil, Maca Powder, Cacao Nibs, Chia Seeds… for an extra supplement mood boost!
6. Pour into a jar and enjoy for breakfast. Yummo!
 Want to make your own kick ass superfood smoothie at home? Check out the superfoods and protein powder in the Groceries on Catch of the Day.
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From the Grocery Run Kitchen:

Coconut Oil, Cacao Powder, Natural Peanut Butter, Chia Seeds and Muscle Milk Protein Powder!

Coconut Oil Loving Earth Cacao Sanitarium peanut butter Chia Comuscle milk

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