The Guy Style Guide to Accessories

The pieces you pair with your clothes play a vital part in taking an everyday outfit to the next level. If you want to get noticed in all the right ways, without busting your wallet! It’s as easy as a tight new pair of shoes, a classic tie or even some toasty headwear.

Find out what’s trending this coming season in our Guy Style Guide to Accessories:

The ultimate winter accessory – the beanie

Style For Men Tumblr Via Socratees Fashion and Luxury
Image via Pinterest

Beanies are back and adapt to many different styles. Whether you’re a sporty guy, a trendsetter or just have a great sense of classic style, a beanie is the only men’s accessory that is crucial to the winter season. If you have a classic style, opt for a traditional grey or black, or for a daring dash of colour, a burgundy beanie is the way to go. Pair with some rugged boots and a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers for the laid back “no worries” look.

Get the Look:

Ray Bans 551209d772dcc068765261_w306h250 54effccca9562075118013_w306h250 brown boots





Ray-Ban Wayfarers Polarized Sunglasses in Black

Coal The Fields Beanie in Burgundy

Diesel Men’s Mini Daddy Watch – Black

Windsor Smith Low Biker Boot in Brown Leather

The go-to shoe this season – desert boot

Image via Pinterest

A desert boot is a traditional shoe that came into style around the 1950s. This casual half boot style is a versatile shoe that can be worn with jeans and weekend wear or passed off as more formal with the right outfit. Look for suede options for extra swag without effort.

Get the Look:

55120c81a69bd502148353_w306h250 desert boot ben sherman wallet



Coal The FS Beanie in Heather Grey

Ben Sherman Men’s Duke Desert Boot – Sand

Ben Sherman Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Preston Watch – Brown

How to rock a bag as an accessory

Image via Pinterest

Don’t go spoiling your outfit game with an ugly bag! There are plenty of great go-to bag options that won’t land you in “man bag” territory. Try a stylish duffle for a classy option or chill with Herschel ‘s hyped backpack range, especially if you’re the travelling type.  When in doubt, opt for dark colours and soft textures.

Get the Look:

Ben Sherman Belt Julius Marrow Hugo Boss 540ff20166414538791925_w306h250





Ben Sherman brown belt

Julius Marlow Boys’ Bruiser Shoes – Rust

Hugo Boss Trama Duffel Bag 

Ben Sherman Diagonal Tie – Chambray

Keep it classic – The 3 staple accessories

Men's classic accessories
Image via Pinterest

A rule of thumb for accessories that will leave a good impression on all occasions: keep it simple. All you need is a decent pair of sunnies, a standout watch and a classic tie, and you’ll be good to go with any outfit, from Saturday brunch to bar. Think black and white for accessories that will never go out of style!

Get the Look:

ray ban clubmaster







Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses

Hugo Boss Origin Watch – White/Black

Ben Sherman Men’s Plain Tie – Black

Accessories to look out for this season:

  • A good warm beanie
  • A pair of desert boots
  • Classic sunglasses
  • A basic tie
  • A standout watch

Which staple styles are you in need of this winter?

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