How to Up Your Mother’s Day Game This Year

Mother’s Day comes around every year and the pressure rises to find a gift that is bigger and better than last year. I mean we all love our mums, but our efforts shouldn’t be constrained to the pressures of giving gifts (although this does score you good brownie points).

Here’s 7 ways you can up your Mother’s day game this year to snag that favourite child award once again!

1. The first step, no ordinary breakfast in bed

Don’t pull the old “I made you toast again” for breakfast in bed this year…boring! This is your first chance to get in for Mother’s Day. Pull this off successfully and you’ll be off the hook for another year! Find out what your mum really likes for breakfast and take it to the next level. If she loves french toast, then surprise her with simple but effective French Toast Kebabs. Are eggs her thing? Whip up these Hash brown egg nests with avocado.

And if she’s a healthy mum, she will be super impressed that you’re able to whip up your own superfood granola just for her!

2. Get away for the day

Trust us on this one…anything that shows you’ve put planning into the day is going to bode well for you! Taking your mumma out on a roadtrip to one of her favourite places, be it the beach or the countryside, is a great way to show her you care. Pack a picnic full of tasty goodies and you’ll be set.

Note: this can be a cheap alternative to an actual present if you’re a little strapped for cash and still want to make a good impression.

3. Plan a movie session

Movie sessions are great for family bonding time and I’m sure there’s some chick flicks that mum never gets to watch! So you will offer to sit through another viewing Serendipity, The Lake house or Dirty Dancing just one more time. It may be painful for some but the pay off for being the favourite child will come back in your favour!

4. Sometimes alone time is the best present…but only when it’s accompanied by a real present.

The gift of alone time at a day spa or alone time at home with a book and a cup of tea, for busy mums, is the golden ticket. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure your mum is loving all the attention around Mother’s Day but there’s nothing like a good dose of alone time to really set the mood for the day. Just make sure you still get her something special though, this is not an alternative to a real present!

Lola Berry How to Make Soy Candles Lifestyle Book Amazing Face Zoe Forster Blake

5. Plan something that you can experience together

Something that you’ve both never done before and that you know she will get a kick out of. If she loves cooking, sign up for a fun cooking class together. If she is super into fitness, find a new hiking trail to adventure out to. Even a crafting class might be a bit of a laugh.

6. Classic and works every time…whip out the baby photos!

An oldie but a goodie as no mother on earth can resist the allure of a baby photo album, reminiscing over those times when you achieved greatness at little athletics or ruined perfect family vacation photos. The happiness and laughter to follow will be a good endorphin kick that your whole family can ride through the Mother’s Day weekend.

7. Lastly, this one’s the cheapest and the most effective…

When all else fails and you’ve burned the breakfast, bought her the wrong present or turned up completely empty handed try this little trick. It doesn’t cost anything and its the most valuable thing you can give her. Yep, throw her a loving compliment, something great to lift her spirit. Tell her that you’re lucky to have her as a mum or that you absolutely love it when she makes her famous roast dinners ;). Whatever the compliment she will feel adored by her children and really isn’t that all a mother ever wants?

Plan your compliments wisely – you don’t want to end us like these children who hilariously failed at Mother’s Day!

How have you turned up your Mother’s Day plans this year? Give us your tips and tricks for showing up your siblings this year, share in the comments!

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