How to make cleaning fun

8 Ingenious Gadgets That Solve Your Cleaning Problems and Make Cleaning Fun!

By Alina Sheinkman

Nobody ever associates cleaning with the word fun. It is usually a chore that is left to the last minute just before your parents or friends visit or has to be scheduled in with a groan. Now seriously, does anyone love cleaning? I don’t think so. But with these nifty gadgets and tips, cleaning can be easy and even fun!

1. Tackling those pesky mirrors or windows

Everybody loves looking into a clean and shiny mirror. Girls can put on their make up with ease, men can shave without squinting and cutting themselves – it’s a win-win! But have you ever tried washing your mirror or windows? You almost need a whole cleaning caddy full of things just to be able to see clearly. Most people would use a spray chemical like Windex, wear gloves, use a cloth or paper towel to wipe and scrub any super grimy spots and have a squeegee or dry cloth to wipe down any excess water.

Insert super awesome gadget – the Window Whizz! Throw away the millions of products (but keep the Windex, we’ll need that). Just slide the Window Whiz onto any spray bottle and you’ll have an all-in-one spray, reusable microfiber cloth and squeegee that you can use with one hand.

Why haven’t I discovered this earlier?!

 2. Rid yourself of stubborn fluff!

Lint Rollers are mini miracle workers that tackle those stray pet hairs or woollen knits threads that stick to your black pants. Carry a stylishly printed 3M mini lint roller in your handbag, keep one in the car, stash one in your office drawer, hide one in your home…and there’s still one more to give to your mum!

3. Getting into every nook and cranny

Ever come across that grimy corner that you just can’t seem to clean with a normal sponge or cloth? These Nook and Cranny Scrubbers will come in handy with the added bonus of looking like a ninja star. Maybe a game of ninja wars will ensue?

4. Proctecting your sacred BBQ

Speaking of scrubbers, most of us would like to avoid scrubbing if possible – too much energy wasted – especially when it comes to the grimy, greasy family BBQ. We all want our BBQs to last as long as possible and maintain their non-stick properties to produce endless delicious steaks. Keep your BBQ looking like new with a BBQ hotplate liner. Pop on this sheet and rinse when done (with hot soapy water of course!). Added bonus: your onions don’t fall through the cracks.

5. Guarding yourself in the kitchen

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of a self-cleaning oven, this is absolutely the next best thing. The oven guard is a heat resistant sheet that saves your oven floor from any spills that, without fail, become baked on grease that is ridiculously difficult to remove. Once all your baked goods are ready and cooling on your counter, carefully remove the sheet, clean it and replace! It also lasts for years, unlike the overwhelmingly smelly chemical cans.

6. The trusty dustpan

Every household needs a trusty dustpan. Why not one that looks like a peacock?  You can show off your skills when sweeping up that broken glass or pile of crumbs.

7. Get automatic with robot cleaners

If you want to go the more automated option, then the Robo Cleaner is the gadget for you. Sit back, relax and watch this cute piece of machinery do the vacuuming for you. It’s like having a pet that makes its way around the house picking up dust and dirt along the way. Perfect!

 8. The FUN part

Now we promised you that we would make cleaning fun and we know this is a hard task but we think we have just gadget to do the trick! Who could forget the staple piece of equipment for any avid cleaner avoider – the portable Bluetooth speaker.  Connect the speaker to your smart phone or another music device and pump some tunes at the loudest volume. Dance and sing while you clean and get a bonus mini workout.

Enough said.

We hope these quirky products make the chore of cleaning seem a little light and more enjoyable.

Let us know your problem cleaning areas or tips and tricks for making cleaning fun…share in the comments section!

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