5 Fun Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside This Winter

Remember how much you used to love wet-day timetables at school? Those days when you got to stay inside, in the warm and play all sorts of awesome games. If you’ve got wet weather heading in your direction, embrace it as a chance to get involved in some old school activities!

Try of of our 5 fun things to do when you’re stuck inside this winter:

Good old-fashioned board game night

Who doesn’t love the competitive world of family board games? Sure they can possibly cause life long rifts between friends when they get a little too heated, but c’mon they are so addictive! With so much happening in the world of online gaming,  it’s refreshing to actually pick up the pieces and feel the tangible board game cards in your hands. Who’s up for Nintendo Monopoly or Simpsons Trivia?

Nintendo Simpsons Trivia Game of Thrones Battleship


Get comfy and read a book

Books are often overlooked as a pastime by our favourite piece of technology, the TV. Do you know that we spend hours upon hours mindlessly watching television in our week? Sure, Netflix is the absolute best thing that is happened in the Australian entertainment sphere in the last month, but how about putting the remote down and snuggling up with that book that you’ve been meaning to read for months! The only other essentials you will need is a comfy blanket and a cup of tea. Night sorted!

Forget Cooking shows on TV and be your own Masterchef!

If it’s wet outside and you find yourself with not a whole lot to do, why not practice your cooking skills? Set yourself some time challenges and pick out a new recipe to see if you can nail it this time, no distractions. See what Matt Preston and Julie Goodwin are whipping up in their kitchens!

Matt Preston Cookbook Julie Goodwin 55135acb7c6bc108150441_w306h250 55135ae25b979722845424_w306h250

Become a master builder…of LEGO 

Lego is an awesome activity for kids and adults alike! Get creative with the family and challenge each other the build the biggest and best models known to man! Maybe you’ll be able to master the millennium falcon like these guys!

Create a day spa experiences in your own bathroom

A much more affordable approach to spa treatments, because who has $200 lying around for a facial? With the right products you can perform a perfectly luxurious treatment in your own home. Put on some soothing music and get yourself pampered!

So next time you are stuck inside because of the pouring rain or wild weather outside, don’t revert to your Netflix to alleviate your boredom and try something new until the weather clears up. 

What’s the best rainy day activity at your house?

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