5 Tech Gadgets That Will Digitize Your Home

By Sean

Digital products have taken over nearly every part of our daily activities. They wake you up in the morning, provide you with the day’s news, let you know if your train is running late, give you an infinite variety of gifs to email to colleagues, track how much exercise you have (or have not) done – there’s no telling which part of your day doesn’t involve a digital something or other… and the list is only getting bigger.

Check out these five mind-boggling innovations that are sure to revolutionise your daily habits in the home:

Wireless Chargers

Of all the technology on this list, wireless or “QI” chargers are by far the most mind-boggling. By cleverly manipulating electromagnetic fields, all these chargers require is physical contact with your device. No more awkwardly fumbling to connect your device, simply place it on the mat and forget about it. Even more exciting still is uBeam’s upcoming “ultrasound” technology, which essentially sends energy to your phone from up to 15 feet away. Yes, really.

Wireless Chargers gif

Wireless Lighting Control

It’s really horrible to leave the house in the morning, only to realise you’ve left the lights on. Well, products like Philips’ Hue or Belkin’s WeMo let you control your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. The specialised bulbs are far more energy efficient than your standard incandescent bulb and they come in a range of colours to suit any mood. Everybody wins.

Robot Vacuums

Ever since the first screening of The Jetsons some 50 years ago, society has been craving robotic house cleaners. While your parents had to wait decades for the first robotic vacuum (released in 1997), you now have the freedom of choosing from a massive range of robot vacuum models, each designed to fit your exact living space. Some models now even pack UV sterilisation and mopping functions that are customisable from a smartphone app, meaning you barely have to lift a finger to get your floors spick and span.

Cat on Robot Vacuum


An infinitely handy innovation from Google, Chromecast is a tiny dongle that plugs into the HDMI port on your television. From there, you can stream, or “cast” content from smartphones, tablets and computers to the screen. Say goodbye to the woes of binge-watching House Of Cards on your small and inadequate laptop screen. Now you can cast movies, TV shows, music, web browsing and more straight to your TV. No wires needed.

business insider.com Chromecast gif

The Oculus Rift

If Mark Zuckerberg’s spending is anything to go by, The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is the next big thing in home entertainment. Zuckerberg reportedly spent an insane $2 billion on the technology, stating that, “When you put it on, you enter a completely immersive computer-generated environment, like a game or a movie scene.” The potential isn’t limited to movies or gaming either, “We’re going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences. Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face — just by putting on goggles in your home.” Fair warning though, you will look ridiculous using them.

Oculus Rift Gif

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Which 21st century tech invention are you most excited about?

Front image credit: Eirik Newth

8 Ingenious Gadgets That Solve Your Cleaning Problems and Make Cleaning Fun!

By Alina Sheinkman

Nobody ever associates cleaning with the word fun. It is usually a chore that is left to the last minute just before your parents or friends visit or has to be scheduled in with a groan. Now seriously, does anyone love cleaning? I don’t think so. But with these nifty gadgets and tips, cleaning can be easy and even fun!

1. Tackling those pesky mirrors or windows

Everybody loves looking into a clean and shiny mirror. Girls can put on their make up with ease, men can shave without squinting and cutting themselves – it’s a win-win! But have you ever tried washing your mirror or windows? You almost need a whole cleaning caddy full of things just to be able to see clearly. Most people would use a spray chemical like Windex, wear gloves, use a cloth or paper towel to wipe and scrub any super grimy spots and have a squeegee or dry cloth to wipe down any excess water.

Insert super awesome gadget – the Window Whizz! Throw away the millions of products (but keep the Windex, we’ll need that). Just slide the Window Whiz onto any spray bottle and you’ll have an all-in-one spray, reusable microfiber cloth and squeegee that you can use with one hand.

Why haven’t I discovered this earlier?!

 2. Rid yourself of stubborn fluff!

Lint Rollers are mini miracle workers that tackle those stray pet hairs or woollen knits threads that stick to your black pants. Carry a stylishly printed 3M mini lint roller in your handbag, keep one in the car, stash one in your office drawer, hide one in your home…and there’s still one more to give to your mum!

3. Getting into every nook and cranny

Ever come across that grimy corner that you just can’t seem to clean with a normal sponge or cloth? These Nook and Cranny Scrubbers will come in handy with the added bonus of looking like a ninja star. Maybe a game of ninja wars will ensue?

4. Proctecting your sacred BBQ

Speaking of scrubbers, most of us would like to avoid scrubbing if possible – too much energy wasted – especially when it comes to the grimy, greasy family BBQ. We all want our BBQs to last as long as possible and maintain their non-stick properties to produce endless delicious steaks. Keep your BBQ looking like new with a BBQ hotplate liner. Pop on this sheet and rinse when done (with hot soapy water of course!). Added bonus: your onions don’t fall through the cracks.

5. Guarding yourself in the kitchen

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of a self-cleaning oven, this is absolutely the next best thing. The oven guard is a heat resistant sheet that saves your oven floor from any spills that, without fail, become baked on grease that is ridiculously difficult to remove. Once all your baked goods are ready and cooling on your counter, carefully remove the sheet, clean it and replace! It also lasts for years, unlike the overwhelmingly smelly chemical cans.

6. The trusty dustpan

Every household needs a trusty dustpan. Why not one that looks like a peacock?  You can show off your skills when sweeping up that broken glass or pile of crumbs.

7. Get automatic with robot cleaners

If you want to go the more automated option, then the Robo Cleaner is the gadget for you. Sit back, relax and watch this cute piece of machinery do the vacuuming for you. It’s like having a pet that makes its way around the house picking up dust and dirt along the way. Perfect!

 8. The FUN part

Now we promised you that we would make cleaning fun and we know this is a hard task but we think we have just gadget to do the trick! Who could forget the staple piece of equipment for any avid cleaner avoider – the portable Bluetooth speaker.  Connect the speaker to your smart phone or another music device and pump some tunes at the loudest volume. Dance and sing while you clean and get a bonus mini workout.

Enough said.

We hope these quirky products make the chore of cleaning seem a little light and more enjoyable.

Let us know your problem cleaning areas or tips and tricks for making cleaning fun…share in the comments section!

5 Types of People To Avoid At The Gym

By Clara

If you’ve ever set foot in the gym you’re likely to have met all of these typical gym types. From the dedicated bodybuilders staring at themselves while they lift weights in the mirror, to the narcissistic selfie girl who hasn’t even worked up a sweat in fear that it will ruin her Instagram worthy shot.

If you want to get a good workout in next time you’re at the gym, here’s a list of five types of people to avoid at the gym:

1. The over-ambitious beginner

The over-ambitious beginner hasn’t been to the gym in years but has decided that this year they are going to get fit. You’re most likely to spot the OAB in the gym during the first few weeks of the year but other trigger points include birthdays or their ex getting a hot new partner. They turn up to BodyBalance and make a point of informing the instructor, and anyone else who’ll listen, that they are ALSO doing BodyPump. They say this with a hint of indulgent pride while insinuating that one class a night just isn’t enough. You’ll normally find them in a puddle of sweat on the floor twenty minutes into BodyBalance and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever see the OAB in the gym again.

 2. The professional

The professional gym-goer is much too good and they are ruining things for the rest of us. They are the girl in the Zumba class with eight years of ballet, jazz and tap experience and keeps their technique tight when the rest of us are just moving our bodies vaguely in time with the music. We’re in a community leisure centre that smells like BO and broken dreams lady, no need to act like you’re in the Royal Ballet! Keep an eye out for the professional gym-guy, who most likely did karate until he was 17 and despite a lapse of ten years believes that the women in the BodyAttack class need to work on their form.You call that a fist ladies!?

3. The over-sharer

The over-sharer is that person who desperately needs to show you the pictures of her kids on her phone. Hell, she wants to show you the photos of her next door neighbours kids. The over-sharer delays the start of the class by asking the instructor intrusive questions about his/her recent holiday to Vietnam. “But what was the exact name of the tailor who you use? Were they in the old quarter? How much did it cost? How long did it take and did they have new fashion magazines to use as guides?” The over-sharer is at the gym to make friends. Maybe they are really lonely. Maybe they actually just want to delay the start of BodyCore (and who can blame them). Whatever deep psychological issues underlie their needy condition, can they work it out somewhere else?

 4. The pickup “artist”

If the over-sharer above is often (but not always) a woman, the pickup artist is often (but not always) a man. We are sure some loving relationships and, let’s be honest, fantastic flings, have probably started with eyes meeting across a crowded spin class but the line between an adorable “meet cute” story and a“creepy guy asking me out at the gym” story is really thin. If you’re known for creepin’ at the gym you’re almost certainly on the wrong side of it (unless you’re Channing Tatum). Wearing gym clothes and sweatily failing to touch your toes while a pop song exhorts you to be sexy is already a vulnerable position and some dude in alarmingly see-through leggings asking you what you’re doing after class is certainly going to make you want to run for the nearest no-males-allowed Curves gym.

5. The team players

The team players are the types of people you have to assume can’t go to the bathroom without taking a buddy. They arrive in a throng, a posse, a gang. They are friends or siblings or partners (worst of all!). When you file into the class they will ask you to move so they can stand next to their bff, Regina. You really don’t want to move because this spot gives you the perfect view of the instructor while also allowing you to partially hide behind the person in front. They laugh and giggle during the class at their in-jokes and make a midweek cardio session feel like high school where you’re not allowed to sit with them. One day though, Regina won’t make it to class and Gretchen will be running late and you’ll get to see Karen look all lost and alone…savour that day.

If you manage to successfully avoid these five types of people during your next attempt to workout, well done, we salute you!

If you’ve ever been sucked into a conversation with an over-sharer, trapped by the pickup artist in the weights area or stuck next to the team players during a class, then you’re sure to have a funny story about it, so tell us in the comments!

Need new sportswear or gear for your next visit to the gym? Check out the range in the sports shop on Catch of the Day!  

10 Travel Essentials You Must Take On Your Next Trip!

By Tina

So you’re counting down the hours and minutes until your next big trip overseas, and finally, it’s time to start packing and you have no idea what you should be packing? Yup, we know the feeling, which is why we have compiled a list of 21st Century essentials that you probably shouldn’t be leaving the country without.

Say goodbye to the stress of packing because we just made life a whole lot easier for you.

1. Smartphone

Don’t waste precious time on your holidays documenting your trip on Facebook or whats-apping your other half. Instead, look up and find hidden gems and local restaurants on apps like TripAdvisor or Qype, book your next destination on skyscanner.com, or simply to use Google Maps to find your way back to your hotel. Did I mention that most smartphones have amazing built-in cameras these days? Yup, who even needs an SLR anymore. For an Android smartphone that won’t break your bank…

2. Crossbody bag or bum bag

I know it, you know it… bum bags aren’t exactly the trendiest of accessories, but sometimes in life you learn that being the coolest cat in town makes you a whole lot more susceptible to getting pickpocketed. Yup, I learnt this the hard way. So make sure you get yourself a small crossbody bag or bum bag and hang it where you can see it. Trust me, it looks a whole lot better than carrying a huge backpack on your chest, which is what some travellers resort to. For a range of stylish crossbody bags, take a look here

3. Kindle or tablet

As much as you may be looking forward to the journey itself, whether it be the plane trip or the 5-hour train ride you booked from Venice to Rome, you will get bored. Immensely bored. After enjoying the picturesque scenery for about 10 minutes, you’ll be twiddling your fingers. Pack a Kindle so you can read up on your next travel destination or a tablet so you can keep yourself entertained with games on those long trips. Make sure you have the perfect tech travel gadget to keep your boredom at bay on the road.

4. Travel lock

Whether you’re backpacking or staying at 5-star hotels, it’s a good idea to keep your belongings safe by purchasing locks for all your suitcases and bags. I can highly recommend the Victorinox TSA approved Sentry Cable lock for your baggage.

5. Headphones/Earphones

Headphones will make your trip a hell of a lot easier, trust me. It’s OK if you get stuck sitting next to Mister Snorlax on your 15-hour flight to LA, because you know what? Your quality set of noise blocking headphones will eliminate any unwelcome sounds. I suggest a pair of these babies for the best travel experience. Not only for the sole purpose of blocking out noises, but I’m a firm believer that you need a track for every destination, so that when you come back home and hear that track, you can sit back and reminisce on the best times of your life.

6. Travel Adaptor

Don’t leave the country without an adaptor for every country you’re visiting, because they can be hard to get once you are overseas. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a dead smartphone with the address of your hotel saved on there.

7. Go Travel Emergency Phone Charger

In case you have forgotten no. 6, or you just can’t for the life of you find a place to charge your phone, then a Go Travel Emergency Phone Charger will be your lifesaver if you’re ever in a pickle. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to post the perfect instagram selfie because of a flat phone battery!

8. Camera

If you’re not satisfied with your smartphone’s photo taking abilities, or need that extra bit of quality for your Instagram pics, then definitely consider bringing a proper camera with you. Want to know how to get the best pics to bring home to show everyone? Check out this guide to nailing travel photography with any camera on Scoopon Life.

9. Wet Wipes

You may not be travelling with a baby, but trust me, these are a gift from the travel gods. Use them to clean up scrapes and scratches, mop dust off your shoes, wipe the sweat off your face, scrub a day’s worth of dirt and grime off your hands if there’s no toilet nearby, and so on. You can thank me later. Grab a 64-pack here for as little as $2.49

10. Travel Organiser

Imagine yourself sitting back on a train, listening to your favourite song, cruising through the stunning Italian countryside, and a wild ticket inspector appears. You rummage through your backpack… no sign of you ticket. You grab your 20kg suitcase from the storage compartment above and frantically search through it exposing your whole suitcase and undies to the other passengers. You can save yourself the trouble and grab a trusty travel organiser that will keep all your documents in one safe place.

Now that your ready for your trip, with all the essentials you need, take a look at these posts:

Got a travel essential you simply can’t travel without? Let us know in the comments below.

Catch Culture’s Guide to Taking an Awesome Selfie

By Jayden

Did you know there’s a Wikipedia page about how to take a selfie?

I didn’t, at least not until I typed, for the first time ever actually, the word selfie into the Google Machine. There’s actually some fairly interesting background regarding the art of the self-portrait, with the first recorded “selfie” being taken way back in 1939!

But that’s enough boring talk! You don’t care about history! You only care about taking selfies, selfies, and nothing but the selfies. Well, buckle up all you Facebookers, Tweeters and Instagramers; We’re going to look at how to take the most perfect selfie!

It’s all about size

Contrary to what every male on the planet says, size does matter, and when it comes to the subtle art of selfie taking, the smaller the better. We’re talking smartphones here, gutter-minds!

Yeah so okay, the kids today might be all about the iPhone 6 Plus and those weird looking “phablets” (big arsed phones that look like an iPad), but seriously, you’re going to want a smaller smartphone (because let’s face it, who’s actually using a camera to take selfies these days? Nerds.) in order to take better selfies. Because here’s the lowdown; The smaller the phone you’re using, the easier it is to one-hand snap those pics while striking your best pose.

Have you tried taking a happy snap of yourself and your friends with an iPhone 6 Plus? Pass! Something around the 5” or less size is just perfect, meaning iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, or even a Windows Lumia 930 (if you’re into Windows Phone…) should be your weapon of choice depending on your OS preference.

Always face the front

If you take one thing away from this blog, it should be this; Always use your smartphone’s front camera when taking a selfie. Under no circumstances are you to use the back, and far superior by a whole lot, camera. Ever! Y’all can complain all you want – waaaaah, the back camera has higher megapixels, and it makes me look better!!! – just no. No! Never!

When taking selfies you always run the risk of catching (see what I did there?) that particular angle that makes you look like the Elephant Man, and no one wants to see that. Using the front camera on your phone allows you to “preview” your selfie before you capture it (read: create a saved record of your horribly disfigured face). So use it. Simples.

To recap; Always use the front-facing camera when using selfies. Always!

Find your best angle (and work it, baby!)

So far we’ve covered that you should be using a smartphone no more than 5” in size (a teeny bit over is fine), and you should always be using your phone’s front camera. Next up is the subtle art of angles, and how important it is you locate your best possible angle, and work that puppy to the bone.

Apparently there’s this whole science surrounding the fact people prefer to snap a selfie of the left side of their face, or what have you; but that’s just silly talk. You use whichever side of your lovely face that doesn’t make you look like a rejected cast member of American Horror Story: Freak Show, be it your left side, right side, or the back of your head.

Buy a Selfie Stick

Oh yes, we’re going there. No doubt you’ve heard about the selfie stick, the phenomenon currently “catching” on in Australia (see what we did there?!). We sell ‘em here on Catch from time to time, and even I own one (after my grandparents bought one for my dad, for some reason, who in turn gave it to me). When it comes to the art of selfies, there is no tool better, other than your phone, than the selfie stick.

I could talk about the benefits of owning a selfie stick, and why such an invention is simply a gift from on high when it comes to taking group-selfies, or when you want to capture some stunning scenery in the background, but what I’m going to do is let Catch’s own selfie stick ad speak for the product itself;

“Picture this: You’re out on the weekend with your friends grabbing some dranks, and you suddenly realise y’all look amazing. You want to take an epic group selfie, but what’s that, your arm isn’t long enough? Oh no! Enter the Selfie Stick, the best way to take the “perfect selfie” each and every time!”

Silly faces are allowed, but duck face ain’t

This is pretty simple, but don’t use that gosh-darn duck face. It’s been overplayed to the point where even the ducks are laughing at you, at everyone. That said, however, feel free to use silly faces. The more obscure the better. After all, what’s the point of a selfie unless it’s silly and fun? Golly gee.

Got a better suggestion? Sound off below and let us know. In the meantime, I’ll be taking selfies in and around the Catch HQ.

Catch Culture’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015!

By Jayden

After the stinker that was 2014, 2015 is looking to be a huge year in gaming! The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are beginning to hit their stride, and Nintendo’s Wii U (the one with the iPad-like controller) is primed for some massive releases. Oh, and let’s not forget about the always mighty #PCMasterRace.

With so many games coming out between now and the end of the year, what are we most looking forward to at Catch HQ? Glad you asked! Let’s take a look at some of our most anticipated games of 2015!


Due out March 2015, exclusive for PlayStation 4

From the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of Demon’s Souls and the hard-as-nails Dark Souls, comes Bloodborne, an action-role playing game that’s dark, gothic and very, very gory.

Much like From Software’s other games, Bloodborne tasks players with cutting their way through hordes of enemies, often in the most brutal way possible. This incredibly dark game tickles us where we like it, and looks to offer up satisfying hack and slash gameplay with solid production values; and looks like it’ll give us a challenge to boot, something seriously lacking in most modern games.

Check out this incredible trailer below!

Mortal Kombat X

Due out April 2015, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC

FINISH HIM! This infamously gory side-scrolling fighting series is set for a comeback this year with the release of Mortal Kombat X! We’re already cracking our fingers in anticipation of re-learning those fatalities!

I managed to play a bit of Mortal Kombat X last year, and it looked incredible, even in a pre-release demo. Chances are the final build (that’s, the version that goes out to consumers) will look even better, especially for those playing on current-gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and PC.

Watch the Reptile reveal trailer below!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Due out May 2015, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

When it comes to engrossing role-playing games (RPGs) in 2015, there’s no game we’re more exciting for than The Witcher 3.

The third game in The Witcher series, which is based on a series of Polish fantasy books, once again puts players in the role of Geralt of Rivia, who’s story will conclude in Wild Hunt. The game boasts an expansive open-world which players can explore, and has been described as being 20% bigger than the popular 2011 RPG, Skyrim.

There’s so many reasons why The Witcher 3 is a must-play for lovers of not just RPGs, but fantasy-related movies and TV shows like Lord of the Rings and Games of Thrones as well, we simply can’t list ‘em all here. So watch this impressive trailer and prepare to drool.


Due out May 2015, exclusive for Wii U

One criticism that’s always laid at Nintendo is that the company rarely invests in new things, and instead relies on the likes of Mario, Zelda and Pokémon to sell games. Well! Splatoon is Nintendo’s giant middle finger to anyone who’s said these past few years; a fresh and innovative spin on the arena-based shooter, exclusive for Wii U!

Designed to be a team-based shooter, players take on the role of Inklings, squids who can transform into humans, and participate in four-on-four online matches with the aim of spreading the most amount of ink as possible. The game’s being developed by the younger members of Nintendo’s development teams, who have been encouraged to explore new gameplay ideas. Suffice to say, I think they have a potential winner on their hands with Splatoon.

Watch the game in-action below!

Want a blast from the past? Check out our flashback to Nintendo 64 recapping the best games of the classic console!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Due out June 2015, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Originally scheduled for release last October, the release of the latest Batman game from illustrious developer Rocksteady, Arkham Knight, is fast approaching!

Batman will face his greatest challenge yet, with Gotham City in lockdown as Scarecrow threatens the city with his infamous fear toxin, while Bats’ rogues gallery band together to take the Dark Knight down once and for all. Making matters worse, newcomer Arkham Knight, who runs around in a militarised version of Batman’s costume, is gunning for Batsy as well. Oh no!

Oh, and you get to drive the batmobile (finally!). Watch the game in action below!

Halo 5: Guardians

Due out sometime in 2015, exclusive for Xbox One

The Halo franchise essentially put Microsoft’s Xbox brand on the gaming map, so it’s no surprise the company is gearing up to release an all-new entry for its current-gen console, the Xbox One.

Announced last year, there’s very little we know about Halo 5 at the moment, save for some plot details. We know a new character, Agent Locke, will be pivotal in the search for Master Chief, who is considered “missing” amidst a hostile alien attack on human colonies. No doubt we’ll see more of the game shown off at this year’s E3 (Entertainment Electronic Expo) this June in Los Angeles.

For now you can check out this teaser trailer.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Due out sometime in 2015 (we hope), exclusive for Wii U

When Nintendo makes a new Zelda title, the entire gaming world takes notice. And The Legend of Zelda for Wii U (final name is yet to be announced) is no different, with the game taking in the number one spot on GameTrailer’s most anticipated games of 2015 list.

Since the game’s initial announcement early 2013, series director and producer, Eiji Aonuma, has gone on record to say he and his team are looking at challenging what Zelda fans have come to expect from the long-running series. This includes approaching dungeons and puzzle-solving, two major staples of the series, in an entirely new way, as well as crafted a seamless overworld to explore, similar to what was seen in the 1986 NES original.

Be sure to watch the amazing gameplay demo video below, featuring Eiji Aonuma and Shigeru Miyamoto

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Due out sometime in 2015, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC

Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaakeee?! 2015 sees the release of the next major entry in Hideo Kojima’s legendary Metal Gear Solid series, The Phantom Pain.

From the multitudes of pre-release videos already put out, including last year’s glorified tech demo, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, we’re under the impression The Phantom Pain looks to continue the series’ penchant for overly complicated, difficult-to-follow plots; and that’s entirely okay. Because quite frankly, the game looks stunning, and the gameplay appears to be solid, so even though we might have a hard time following along, we’ll still have a great time.

Watch the game in action in the below trailer!

No Man’s Sky

Due out sometime in 2015, exclusive for PS4 (and PC)

All you need to know about No Man’s Sky is this; open universe. If the ambitions of the game’s developer, Hello Games, come to a head, No Man’s Sky will successfully offer its player an entire universe to explore, from complete galaxies, to a limitless number of alien worlds.

But what makes No Man’s Sky really special is that each player will experience a different universe, with no single one being exactly identical. This is made possible by the game’s underlying procedurally generated architecture, meaning it will create stuff as random from a huge pool of existing code.

Okay that’s getting a bit technical, so let’s just sit back and watch this mind-blowing trailer below instead.

Persona 5

Due out sometimes in 2015, exclusive for PS4 and PS3

Most of you probably haven’t heard of the Persona series, a popular Japanese role-playing series that stars a group of high school students who are usually tasked with defeating an evil force. While still considered niche, the Person games still enjoy a passionate fanbase outside of Japan, and the next game in the series, Persona 5, is scheduled for release sometime this year.

Not a lot is known about Persona 5, thanks mostly to the lack of English-speaking promotion, but what we do know is (maybe) players will assume the role of a high school student who lives a double life as a thief. Together with a group of fellow thieves, the player will carry out heists, while battling supernatural forces with Personas, beings that are the physical representations of a persona’s personality.

Yeah, it all sounds very ‘what the?’, but take a few minutes to watch this incredible trailer (it’s in Japanese, BTW) and let us know what you think in the comments!

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Due out sometime in 2015, exclusive for Xbox One (and Xbox 360)

Video game icon Lara Croft returns in this direct sequel to the ridiculously amazing 2013 reboot, Tomb Raider, which is aptly titled Rise of the Tomb Raider. And exclusive for Xbox One (with a lesser port coming out for Xbox 360), no less! Oh the fanboy butt hurt!

This time around Lara’s traded-in the remote setting of a random island off the coast of Japan for the icy mountains of Siberia, where Miss Croft will be challenged by humans and animals, while having to contend with the harsh weather. Look forward to more details on this game being shared throughout the year, especially at E3 in June.

For now, be sure to check out the game’s awesome reveal trailer!

Star Wars: Battlefront

Due out sometimes in 2015, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

What do you get when you mesh the creative minds behind the award-winning Battlefield series of games and the Star Wars universe; something truly epic.

The Star Wars: Battlefront franchise was immensely popular back in the early 2000s. They allowed gamers to participate in sprawling battles that took place during George Lucas’ original trilogy (as well as those pesky prequels). And while rumours of a third game have come and gone in the last decade, but it wasn’t until last year during E3 where games publisher EA announced an all-new game for current-gen consoles (and PC). It’s expected this new Battlefront game will take place either before, or during, the events of the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Check out the goosebump-inducing teaser below!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Due out sometime in 2015, exclusive for PS4

Typically referred to as gaming’s (male) answer to Indiana Jones, the Uncharted series of games stars the hunky Nathan Drake, an intrepid treasure hunter who has a knack for one-liners and danger.

Uncharted made huge waves on the PlayStation 3, and excitement is stirring for the series’ debut on PlayStation 4 this year with A Thief’s End. Developer Naughty Dog are tirelessly working on producing the very best game they possibly can, and it’s expected we’ll see gameplay footage of this highly anticipated exclusive shown at E3 in July.

Until then, we’ll just need to drool over Drake’s hunkiness in the below trailer!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Due out sometimes in 2015, exclusive for Wii U

Huge game world to explore? Check. Giant robots? Check. Typical Japanese role-playing? Check, check. Xenoblade Chronicles X has been teased for two years, in which time some WIi U owners have questioned whether the game was ever going to come out. Turns out, the team at Monolith Soft were just busy making this mammoth of a game!

Due out in Japan late April, we expect the game to jump across the ocean to us later on in 2015. Which is good, because we totally want to explore an alien world while riding around inside giant Japanese-style mechs!

Prepare to be shocked and awed with the below trailer!

Whew, what a list! Of course we couldn’t list all the games we’re excited to play, if we did we’d be here all day! But that’s enough about us; Tell us what games you’re excited to play in 2015!