8 Ways to Declutter Your Life!

Ever heard of the idea that physical clutter creates mental clutter? If you’re finding it hard to focus or difficult to get motivated (and who isn’t these days?), having a disordered place to live is certainly not helping. Sometimes we all get in over our heads and think “how did I let my place get so messy?” Don’t panic, there are many solutions for getting your home and your life back in order and looking shipshape.

1. Firstly, grab a garbage bag!

The best way to declutter your home and, in turn, organise your life is to grab a garbage bag and do a home cleanse. One bag for all of the rubbish lying around the house and another for anything that can be donated to an opp shop. If something is causing a clutter in your home and you can’t remember the last time you used it, or why you even have it in the first place, get rid of it. With a good cleanse under your belt, you can move on to tidying up!

2. Take the two minute tidying challenge

The two minute challenge is the best way to dive head first into a cleaning frenzy. Set yourself a time of two minutes (or five minutes if your feeling lucky 😉 ) and tidy up as much of your house as possible. Straighten out the clutter on your kitchen bench. Grab all of the dishes from around the house and chuck them in the sink or in the dishwasher, throw all of the dirty clothes into the washing machine. It’s surprising how much you can actually achieve in just a few minutes. This will condense the clutter into mini tasks that you can begin to tackle one-by-one.

3. Make your things accessible

If everything is tidy and neatly put away but you find your things are hard to get out or hard to put away, let’s face it, at some point shortcuts will be taken and things will get out of control again and create a mess. Having a way to keep things tidy but still accessible is an important part of keeping things organised. A great way to keep your cupboards tidy is to grab some clear and stackable containers. This way you can easily see what is in each container and tidying up is as simple as stacking them up! We recommend Lock n Lock containers for the kitchen, and clear shoe boxes for the closet.

Lock n Lock Containers

4. Do things immediately!

This tip is for future reference, after you’ve put all of this effort into decluttering your home and your life, keep up the momentum of keeping the house tidy by doing things immediately. If you put off something small that takes only a few minutes to accomplish, it can weigh on your mind as “just another thing I have to do”. Unless you really, really can’t (eg the house is on fire, you’re about to get a high score on the Candy Crush or there’s a spider in the way) unload the dishwasher as soon as it’s finished, same for the washing machine and wiping down the countertop. If you wait for the perfect time to do boring shit, it will never come! Don’t let these small tasks take up your mental energy by getting them done quickly and efficiently.

5. Have a space for mess

Mess is inevitable! Most of the time, culprits for mess include those bills in the kitchen that are lying around and other miscellaneous things that have no place. Having a box for all of these types of “clutter” means you can keep everything tidy, plus you’ll always know exactly where to look to find random things that seem to always go missing.

6. Cleaning your car

Don’t forget about cleaning up your car. A messy car leads to a chaotic, disheveled feeling in your life, so make sure your car is cleaned out regularly. If you often have rubbish in the car, have a bag to keep it in so that cleaning the car is easy. This car boot compartment organiser are great for cars that have a lot of things floating around, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Car boot organiser

7. Invite some people over

This tip might seem a little counterproductive, I mean, you don’t want people coming over if your home is messy right? Well, it’s the best way to motivate yourself to get the house back in order! You’ll be tricked into ensuring that the house has been made tidy before they arrive.

8. Reward yourself for cleaning

Let’s be honest, cleaning is the worst. Sometimes it just seems like it is the never ending bane of our existences. So to ensure we get to the end of our cleaning efforts with an intact will to live, we say treat yourself! Whether it’s taking yourself our for a nice meal, doing a spot of online shopping, or purchasing something nice for your home, treating yourself to something special will make it all worthwhile.

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11 Cats That Love To Yoga! The Best of Yoga Cats

By Gemma

We all know cats rule over the internet with an iron-clad (read: fluffy and adorable) paw. So let us pay tribute to our feline overlords with a series of cute pictures of cats doing yoga. Because Yogi Bear is so last century and Downward Dog has got nothing on Downward Cat.

NOTE: This blog post now comes with bonus cats!


Yep, cats like yoga. It fills their angry little souls with a sense of happy only usually associated with dogs. Dogs are stupid nice.


And really, when it comes to yoga, as with everything else, they’re far superior to humans.




animals00064 Funny-Yoga-Cats-4

Still, they dislike the young bendy chick in the fancy leggings just as much as you.


Oh, it’s on!

angry cat gif
Or maybe they just spent a little too much mat time with this dude:


But they love it when you do yoga.

giphy (1)


Yoga Cat

Ever noticed that sometimes you just want to rock out a Warrior series on your YouTube channel and kitteh just doesn’t want the Internet to see?

Because yoga, and you, belong to him. Ok?


Remember, it’s not about you. Yoga is the only thing in the world, except for themselves, that cats are head over heels in love with.

yoga cats

But when all is said and done, they just want to lie back, relax and enjoy a bit of Savasana (yoga code for ‘lie down and pretend to sleep’). Seriously, no talking at the back.


And if you even DARE work on your headstand while his eyes are closed, he’ll call a friend or two to make sure you don’t master it before him. Because dogs are stupid nice.

Namaste, kitty, namaste!


Looking to give these cute kitties a run for their money when it comes to mastering the art of yoga? Grab some sweet activewear to get into the relaxed yoga mood!

Australia’s Top Secret Swimming Spots!

By Sean

When you think Australian swimming, you probably think glistening white sands and sparkling blue oceans…

On the other hand, you might also think of bustling, sweaty crowds of noisy beachgoers, all scrambling over each other for some sand to stick their umbrella and Esky into. However, take a wander off the beaten path and you’re bound to stumble across some of Australia’s unique swimming spots. We’re talking the quiet, serene spots that offer the kinds of swimming experiences tourists are willing to fly halfway across the globe for, not to mention pick the country known for its insane populations of terrifying sharks and crocodiles.

Here are just a few of these top secret places.

Warnings up front: like its indigenous wildlife, Australia’s landscape and waters can be potentially hazardous. Be sure to consult with local councils and tourism boards before you roll up in nothing but your boardies.

Bakers Beach, Tasmania


Not often the first place you think of for a stunning beachfront, Tasmania does pack its sizeable share of picturesque swimming spots. A mere hour’s drive from Launceston, Bakers Beach might just be the best of them. It sits almost directly in the middle of the state’s northern coast, a gorgeous stretch of sun-drenched sand with the breathtaking Narawntapu National Park serving as an equally gorgeous backdrop. If you listen closely, you can also pick out Narawntapu’s iconic soundtrack: the Tasmanian Devil.

Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

stokes bay kangaroo island

Floating just off the coast of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is almost impossibly idyllic. It packs incredibly wild landscapes into its meagre length of 155km, brimming with “soaring cliffs, dense bushland, towering sand dunes, wetlands and massive arcs of bone white beach,” according to Tourism Kangaroo Island. Stokes Bay hides on its northern coast, where opportunities for unforgettable swimming and encounters with wildlife (including dolphins in the nearby Emu Bay) abound. And that doesn’t even account for its amazing accommodation or sailing hotspots, either. For an all-rounded Australian beach experience, pencil in Kangaroo Island.

Squeaky Beach, Wilson’s Promontory National Park, Victoria

Robyn Cox
Clean Squeaky Beach. Shot by Robyn Cox


Wilson’s Promontory is a renowned camper’s and hiker’s hotspot. On first glance, you’ll notice this national park boasts sweeping countryside, dense forests and formidable mountain faces. However, wedged in between are some of Victoria’s most iconic stretches of beach. Of those, there are few more iconic than Squeaky Beach. Named for the fun ‘squeak’ its rounded quartz sands let out when you waltz through, this fairly isolated spot truly deserves mention amongst Australia’s top beaches. Flanked on either side by rock formations and forests, Squeaky’s real draw is its staggering stretch of white sands and azure water. It’s simply a must-have swimming experience.

Wattamolla Picnic Area, Royal National Park, New South Wales

Scott Brown
Wattamolla Swimming Hole captured by Scott Brown


This is essential advice for any visitor to Sydney: dodge the seething tourist hot spots, the crowded, bustling sights like Bondi Beach, the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. They’re on every postcard anyway. Instead, take the hour drive out of the CBD to Wattamolla National Park. It’s a swimmer’s holy trinity: lagoon, beach and waterfall. It does take a little hiking to get out to the right spot but, if you pick the right time of year, you have the opportunity to glimpse migrating humpback whales, sea eagles and osprey out at sea. Quite the payoff on a sweltering summer’s day.

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland


Purling Brook Waterfall drops down to  a sercret swimming hole, captured by Shannon
Purling Brook Waterfall drops down to a sercret swimming hole, captured by Shannon


Before delving into this wondrous watering hole, you should know that if you stick around Natural Bridge after dark, you have a chance at witnessing one of nature’s great light shows: the glow-worm. Just sayin’. Moving on, Natural Bridge is nestled in the historic Springbrook National Park, a huge expanse of pristine Australian wilderness. A magnificent waterfall, an arched cave, a subtropical rainforest and the titular natural rock bridge all accompany this particularly spectacular swimming spot. Also, glow-worms. That’s surely worth a day’s trip.


Palm Cove, Queensland

Don’t you want to just dive right in? Photo by SkySeeker


Another incredibly blessed tourist haven is Palm Cove. Whether you’re looking for swimming, diving, animal encounters or daredevilling, this secluded spot has got you covered. Not only does it give you easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, it has incredibly informative wildlife tours and the famous Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. In amongst all of these spoils are some of Australia’s cleanest and most pristine shore fronts. If, somehow, you’re still not sold, check out this tourist video:

Leliyn (Edith Falls)
, Nitmiluk National Park, Northern Territory

Edith Falls shot by Richard Riley
Edith Falls shot by Richard Riley

The Northern Territory might be the wildest of Australian destinations, but Edith Falls provides you with a slice of something else altogether. Tucked away in the renowned Nitmiluk (or Katherine Gorge) National Park, this lagoon has some of Australia’s most idyllic inland swimming. If you’re pressed for time, the Lower Pool, a brief 150m walk from the car park, is a beautiful, shimmering place to have a dip. If you’re feeling more adventurous, Upper Pool and the Sweetwater Pool, while requiring a little off-track hiking, boast pristine waters that are just begging for a day of blissful floating and wading.

Eighty Mile Beach, Western Australia

Wandering down to Eighty Mile Beach. Photo by Michael Theis
Wandering down to Eighty Mile Beach. Photo by Michael Theis


Odds are, the picturesque beaches you find in magazines and on TV are from Western Australia. I’m sorry Queensland, our western state is just so much prettier. It’s nothing personal, though, seeing as this state lays claim to an entire, uninterrupted quarter of Australia’s coastline. This makes finding the perfect spot in WA a bit tricky, what with an unimaginably huge expanse of beach to comb through. Luckily, there’s a perfect place to start: Eighty Mile Beach. Halfway between Broome and Port Hedland, this stretch is exactly as its title suggests: miles and miles of pristine views of the Indian Ocean, ideal for any swimmer, anywhere. It’s also famous for its fishing opportunities, both for humans and migratory birds alike. However, when all’s said and done, the undeniable jewel on Eighty Mile’s crown is Cable beach: the perfect spot for swimming and incredible photos at sunset.

So there you go, all of our secret swimming spots are exposed! But let’s keep this secret between you and I as we don’t want all of those pesky beachgoers cluttering up the place. Next time your looking for a quiet spot to soak up the serenity of the Australian Landscape, head out to one of these picturesque spots and we’ll see you there! 

Do you know about a secret swimming spot in Australia? Let us know in the comments below! We promise we won’t tell anyone 😉 

Top 10 ‘Back-To-Work’ Workout Tips

By Gemma Jordan

So, it’s February. Even if your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions are still going strong, staying consistent with fitness around a full time job is hard. It hurts, it’s raining, you’re hungry, sore and tired from the daily grind – we get it! That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to power you through until 2016.

Revolutionise your commute                             

Take the rage out of your morning A to B. Can you walk, jog or cycle to work, or maybe get off the train a stop earlier? Use route planners or local cycle trail maps and see if you can find a way to get those endorphins pumping before you even open your emails.

Stand up for your health

Research suggests that sitting down all day can be pretty bad for your health – humans just weren’t designed for it! A few of the Catch team have been trialling stand-up desking and have already noticed improvements in their energy and well-being. Check out how stand up desks can actually help your posture. Not for you? Try taking calls standing up, walking meetings and talking to people face-to-face instead of messaging.

Lunch, to-go!

Forget dining at your desk; get up and get out (if it’s not raining). A 20 minute walk around the block can make all the difference in how you feel during the afternoon – making you more productive, and of course, upping your activity level for the day!

Get nerdy, stat

On that note, if you love results, a fitness tracker like the Garmin vivofit is exactly what you need to motivate you to up your movement. Trust us, once you get one of these on, it’s hard not to get a little obsessed with those stats!


Prioritise your time

Training around a 9-5 job can be a real challenge, but blocking off ‘exercise time’ and planning ahead are the key. Set your alarm an hour earlier, or pack your dinner to eat around 4pm (take lunch early) and train straight after work – freeing up the rest of your evening. If your office has a gym, sign up and avoid rush hour to boot!

Change it up

Doing too much of anything is never a good thing, and current research suggests that the body responds better when exposed to a different kind of movement from time to time. So, if you’re a die-hard runner, you might want to check out your local yoga studio or pool and if you live for Pilates, maybe mix it up with some HIIT training or CrossFit.

Yoga is a great activity to unwind and re-energise

Cut costs

If changing it up sounds like an expensive deal, it doesn’t need to be. Look for trial memberships (there’s plenty on Scoopon). Some yoga studios encourage you to offer your time to help out with cleaning and other tasks in exchange for free membership. If that’s not available, try some bodyweight training at home which requires zero equipment!

Eat for recovery

Hydrating and refuelling properly is the best way to recover after training. If time’s short, a coconut water and whey/pea protein shake blend or bliss balls will give you a boost, but try to eat ‘real’ food, dense in nutrients, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, leafy greens and whole grains like quinoa or brown rice.

Refuelling with a protein shake is the best way recover

Teamworking rocks

Your colleagues can be an awesome source of motivation and support, so why not see if a few of them want to do a 30-day challenge, sign up for a charity race or The Colour Run, or take up a new team sport together. You’re more likely to stick with it if you have company!

Snooze & you lose

Forget the Saturday sleep in – keep your body clock regular by getting up at the same time on the weekend as you do during the working week. You could use that extra hour to take a walk, work out, or even better, plan a fun activity like stand up paddle boarding or hiking!

Maybe you have your own ways of keeping on top of your health and fitness goals during busy work periods – post your tips in the comments section below!

Go Fluoro or Go Home – Men’s Activewear

If you’re a fitness freak, having the right gear is essential to achieving a maximum workout. You may not have the biggest muscle flex but you’ll get noticed with a touch of fluoro.

Try the fluoro fitness look if you’re:

1. Looking to get noticed at the gym by that cutie on the treadmill.

2. Wanting to be accidentally mistaken for a professional athlete!

3. Looking for a lift! Fluoro clothes will ignite your workout and make you work harder. (We have no scientific evidence that proves this but hey, it sounds like it could work!)

If you are looking to pump up your workout or catch the attention of the gym goers around you, then fluoro is the only way to go! As we said before “go fluoro or go home!”

See how our fitness flatlay comes to life in the video below:

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Get Fit in Fluoro – Women’s Activewear

Getting active is so much easier when you’ve got the right gear on! And what better colour to motivate than fluoro pink. For any women looking for a new fitness style, we love these strong and sexy colours!

In the Catch of the Day office, we have a few fitness fanatics with great mantras to get up and about every morning:


To be honest I’m not a morning person at all, but I find that getting involved in group walks or group classes at the gym are the best way to get me excited to jump out of bed!


Getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to wake up bright the next morning. The good feeling I get after I go running is great motivation.


I love 30-day challenges! Yoga, meat-free months or even trying to walk 20-mins every day – I like that there’s an end date in sight, but lately, I’ve found many of the habits stick way past that!


See how our fitness flatlay comes to life in the video below:

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Craving for new sportswear and fitness accessories? Check out Sports on Catch Of The Day!