Inspired by Lauren, COTD Donates to the Starlight Children’s Foundation

We’re Contributing to the Magic, thanks to Lauren!

For 24 hours this Friday, Catch of the Day will be donating $1 from every order placed on the Catch of the Day website to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  As a team, we are truly touched by Lauren’s story, and grateful to be a part of the magic of brightening the lives of sick kids.

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

When 9-year old Lauren was told she had been granted a Starlight Wish,  she decided she wanted to be a Princess at her very own Royal Ball.  The most important part of the whole wish though, was that Lauren wanted it to be shared with as many sick kids as possible.  Her selfless act of giving back and sharing her wish, inspired us, here at Catch of the Day, to also give back to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Lauren has spent her whole life in and out of hospital battling with 118 operations.  She was born with Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula and Oesophageal Atresia – a rare condition affecting the respiratory system, swallowing and digestion.

Fun Fights Fear – See Lauren’s Story Below

Santa shops at Catch Of The Day


Christmas done the easy way at

StarTrack 2016 ORIAS People’s Choice Award

A BIG Thanks To YOU – People’s Choice Award!

On the night of Thursday, July 21 some of the team from Catch Of The Day travelled to Sydney to attend the StarTrack 2016 ORIAS – the online retail industry awards night. All dressed up in smart looking attire (quite different to what we usually wear here at Catch), we were lucky enough to come back with a pretty good looking trophy. Catch Of The Day has been awarded the 2016 People’s Choice Award, and of course we have you to thank for that!

We value your opinions and feedback and we’re super excited that we got to win such a prestigious award within the online retail industry.

Catch Group CEO Jason Rudy says “Receiving The StarTrack ORIAS 2016 People’s Choice Award is testament to the hard work and passion of the entire Catch Group team, knowing that our customers are happy is what keeps us motivated every day.”

Ranked by The 2016 E-Commerce Leaders Playbook as the 3rd biggest retail site in Australia, we are driven to offer you all great deals every single day. We have over 10,000 different items on sale, including brands like Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and everyday items at incredibly low prices – as you would know!  Our site is perfect for online shoppers who love a bargain, and we know how much you guys love the real deal!

“To win is a great honour and an achievement and we owe it to our dedicated team as well as our consumers,” Head of Customer Service, Adam Rudy says. “The People’s Choice Award is based on customer votes, so it gives a true representation on what the people of Australia really think.” Our Customer Service team is constantly sorting out any issues on the spot, and is there when you need them most whether it be via email, phone or live chat. It also gives you the chance to contact us to ask any questions before snapping up a great deal.

Some trivia for you! sells an item every few seconds, and ships out over 8,000 orders per day. With the helping hand of automated picking robots in our massive 25000m² warehouse, we do what we can to ensure your parcels are packaged securely and dropped off at your door as fast as possible. We couldn’t have kept our customers as happy as they are without the service that AusPost delivers every day. Thanks again, for the win!


5 Fun Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside This Winter

Remember how much you used to love wet-day timetables at school? Those days when you got to stay inside, in the warm and play all sorts of awesome games. If you’ve got wet weather heading in your direction, embrace it as a chance to get involved in some old school activities!

Try of of our 5 fun things to do when you’re stuck inside this winter:

Good old-fashioned board game night

Who doesn’t love the competitive world of family board games? Sure they can possibly cause life long rifts between friends when they get a little too heated, but c’mon they are so addictive! With so much happening in the world of online gaming,  it’s refreshing to actually pick up the pieces and feel the tangible board game cards in your hands. Who’s up for Nintendo Monopoly or Simpsons Trivia?

Nintendo Simpsons Trivia Game of Thrones Battleship


Get comfy and read a book

Books are often overlooked as a pastime by our favourite piece of technology, the TV. Do you know that we spend hours upon hours mindlessly watching television in our week? Sure, Netflix is the absolute best thing that is happened in the Australian entertainment sphere in the last month, but how about putting the remote down and snuggling up with that book that you’ve been meaning to read for months! The only other essentials you will need is a comfy blanket and a cup of tea. Night sorted!

Forget Cooking shows on TV and be your own Masterchef!

If it’s wet outside and you find yourself with not a whole lot to do, why not practice your cooking skills? Set yourself some time challenges and pick out a new recipe to see if you can nail it this time, no distractions. See what Matt Preston and Julie Goodwin are whipping up in their kitchens!

Matt Preston Cookbook Julie Goodwin 55135acb7c6bc108150441_w306h250 55135ae25b979722845424_w306h250

Become a master builder…of LEGO 

Lego is an awesome activity for kids and adults alike! Get creative with the family and challenge each other the build the biggest and best models known to man! Maybe you’ll be able to master the millennium falcon like these guys!

Create a day spa experiences in your own bathroom

A much more affordable approach to spa treatments, because who has $200 lying around for a facial? With the right products you can perform a perfectly luxurious treatment in your own home. Put on some soothing music and get yourself pampered!

So next time you are stuck inside because of the pouring rain or wild weather outside, don’t revert to your Netflix to alleviate your boredom and try something new until the weather clears up. 

What’s the best rainy day activity at your house?

How to Up Your Mother’s Day Game This Year

Mother’s Day comes around every year and the pressure rises to find a gift that is bigger and better than last year. I mean we all love our mums, but our efforts shouldn’t be constrained to the pressures of giving gifts (although this does score you good brownie points).

Here’s 7 ways you can up your Mother’s day game this year to snag that favourite child award once again!

1. The first step, no ordinary breakfast in bed

Don’t pull the old “I made you toast again” for breakfast in bed this year…boring! This is your first chance to get in for Mother’s Day. Pull this off successfully and you’ll be off the hook for another year! Find out what your mum really likes for breakfast and take it to the next level. If she loves french toast, then surprise her with simple but effective French Toast Kebabs. Are eggs her thing? Whip up these Hash brown egg nests with avocado.

And if she’s a healthy mum, she will be super impressed that you’re able to whip up your own superfood granola just for her!

2. Get away for the day

Trust us on this one…anything that shows you’ve put planning into the day is going to bode well for you! Taking your mumma out on a roadtrip to one of her favourite places, be it the beach or the countryside, is a great way to show her you care. Pack a picnic full of tasty goodies and you’ll be set.

Note: this can be a cheap alternative to an actual present if you’re a little strapped for cash and still want to make a good impression.

3. Plan a movie session

Movie sessions are great for family bonding time and I’m sure there’s some chick flicks that mum never gets to watch! So you will offer to sit through another viewing Serendipity, The Lake house or Dirty Dancing just one more time. It may be painful for some but the pay off for being the favourite child will come back in your favour!

4. Sometimes alone time is the best present…but only when it’s accompanied by a real present.

The gift of alone time at a day spa or alone time at home with a book and a cup of tea, for busy mums, is the golden ticket. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure your mum is loving all the attention around Mother’s Day but there’s nothing like a good dose of alone time to really set the mood for the day. Just make sure you still get her something special though, this is not an alternative to a real present!

Lola Berry How to Make Soy Candles Lifestyle Book Amazing Face Zoe Forster Blake

5. Plan something that you can experience together

Something that you’ve both never done before and that you know she will get a kick out of. If she loves cooking, sign up for a fun cooking class together. If she is super into fitness, find a new hiking trail to adventure out to. Even a crafting class might be a bit of a laugh.

6. Classic and works every time…whip out the baby photos!

An oldie but a goodie as no mother on earth can resist the allure of a baby photo album, reminiscing over those times when you achieved greatness at little athletics or ruined perfect family vacation photos. The happiness and laughter to follow will be a good endorphin kick that your whole family can ride through the Mother’s Day weekend.

7. Lastly, this one’s the cheapest and the most effective…

When all else fails and you’ve burned the breakfast, bought her the wrong present or turned up completely empty handed try this little trick. It doesn’t cost anything and its the most valuable thing you can give her. Yep, throw her a loving compliment, something great to lift her spirit. Tell her that you’re lucky to have her as a mum or that you absolutely love it when she makes her famous roast dinners ;). Whatever the compliment she will feel adored by her children and really isn’t that all a mother ever wants?

Plan your compliments wisely – you don’t want to end us like these children who hilariously failed at Mother’s Day!

How have you turned up your Mother’s Day plans this year? Give us your tips and tricks for showing up your siblings this year, share in the comments!

How to Hunt For Bargains Online Like an Expert

Jasmine Boothey from is a busy mum and bargain huntress extraordinaire. We caught up with her to pick her brain about how she tracks down the best bargains from her dining room table…

Hi Jasmine! Thanks for chatting to Catch Culture! Tell us a little about yourself and your blog…

I’m a mum of two living in Adelaide and I’m a keen bargain hunter.  I studied and worked as an accountant before having kids so I have always loved working with numbers.  I now share my knowledge of how to still live a great life on a budget through my website, Bargain Mums.  Bargain Mums is a mixture of money saving tips and advice, as well as budget recipes made using simple, easy to find ingredients.

When it comes to my online shopping style, I’m definitely a bargain hunter.

I always wait for sales before buying anything.

So what do you look for in a product?

While I might be a bargain hunter, that doesn’t mean I like to buy cheap and nasty.  I always look out for products that are great quality and likely to last the distance.  I would much rather buy a product that costs a little more but will last a long time and actually do the job it’s supposed to do, instead of a cheaper item that will break in a number of months and have to be replaced.

You can actually save money by buying quality.

If you had to choose one thing you love about online shopping what would it be?

I love the convenience of online shopping.  With two kids heading to the shops is often the last thing I feel like doing.  Online shopping means I can shop at any time that suits me, even if it’s late at night, and it doesn’t matter if I get interrupted.

Tell us a little about the bargains you found recently on Catch of the Day?

I found so many bargains when I was searching on Catch of the Day.  I was tempted by the kids toys, and huge range of discounted groceries, but I instead opted for the cookbook sale.  I absolutely love cooking, baking in particular, and I love to collect cookbooks.  I added four new books from Catch of the Day to my collection.

Bargain Mums Cookbooks
Bargain Mums Shoutout on Instagram “4 cookbooks for only $75, including postage. The cheapest I could find them for elsewhere was just under $100 without postage” #catchofthedayau #bargainmums

The cookbooks I purchased were a fantastic deal.  I paid $75 including shipping for the 4 books.  I then did a little research on the internet to see how the price compares to other online retailers, and the cheapest I could find the same books for elsewhere was $95, and that didn’t include shipping.

You used the app to make your purchases. What stood out to you about using the Catch of the Day app?

I found the process of using the Catch of the Day app very easy.  So many apps out there are very buggy and I just end up jumping on my computer instead, but not this one.  From browsing the individual Catch of the Day sales, to the checkout and payment process, it was all very smooth and easy.

And lastly, to get a little cheeky…where were you when you made your purchases? 

I actually made my purchase at my dining room table while my toddler ate lunch, using my mobile!  That’s the great thing about the app, it’s so easy to shop anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to Jasmine for sharing her story with us on the Catch Culture Blog. You can check out her blog and her facebook page for awesome recipe and money saving ideas!

Want to read more? We hear you! Check out our recent posts:

What are your tips to hunting down bargains like an expert? Share in the comments below…