How to Plan an April Fools’ Day Prank Like Google!

We all love to play April Fools’ Day pranks on one another. From unscrewing the lid of the salt shaker, to filling someone’s room with bean bag balls. The great thing about all these gags is that they’re accessible to anyone – with newer, more innovative pranks being discovered each year. Yep, all you really need is a tack. Or a whoopee cushion. Or superglue. Or vaseline…

But when it comes to companies there’s really just one that stands out for successfully walking that fine line of pulling off tasteful pranks without receiving a barrage of legal letters…

And that’s a little known company called Google (did we spell the name right?).

 Starting in 2000 with the ‘MentalPlex hoax’ – they moved to pranks involving false jobs on the moon, to intelligence-boosting drinks, fake dating services, Wingdings as the new standard Adsense font and plenty more where that came from. This repeated activity, year after year, has made them the go-to place on that first day of April, where people would deliberately head to Google to see what the prank would be (we’re not really sure why anyone would go to this so-called ‘Google’ site otherwise..).

Here’s some of our favourite April Fools’ Day pranks from Google over the years:

Google Book Search Scratch and Sniff

Google Book Search created a fake new section that allowed users to “scratch & sniff” certain books. After being asked to place their nose near the monitor and click ‘Go’, people were told it would attract ‘load odours’. After this obviously didn’t happen, users who clicked on ‘Help’ were redirected to a page in a book that describes the origins of April Fools’ Day.


Google Australia announced the development of a ball that would change how Australian Football is played the world over using new ‘gBall’ technology with GPS. Other than measure the location, force, and torque of a gBall kick, it was said to also vibrate should any player agents or talent scouts want to speak to you.

“Did you mean: Beyonce” and Kanye West in the Play Music Store

Simple but effective. Essentially when anyone tried to search for anything within the Play Music Store – “Did you mean: Beyonce” would come up for the baffled user.

So you want to pull off a good prank? Here’s some general tips for playing to the crowd with your own gags on the big day:

Keep it legal and safe

The same advice could be said for attending family reunions but we’ll just stick to the pranks for now. We can’t cover everything here but as an example filling someones petrol tank with water isn’t a prank – it’s vandalism. Disabling someones bike brakes could kill them. And putting CAUTION tape outside someone’s house so they are led to think their entire family has been slaughtered worked in The Simpsons – we’re not exactly sure how it plays out in reality but it probably ends up with some loud shouting following by someone weeping in a corner. Look for good pranks with hilarious value without inciting fear into your unwitting victim.

Don’t drag it out into an extra day

That’s right – make sure your gags are made on the big day and preferably before midday. No one likes to be ready to have their knock-off drink only to find that it’s been replaced with vinegar – but try that at breakfast time and it’s all gags and high fives. We recommend being the first to play a prank in the morning – it’s a free ride where the effort of every person afterwards seems slightly watered down.

Avoid it taking up your entire day

Simple, effective pranks are the best. Don’t take a day off or cancel all your plans while you wait in the bushes or a cupboard for that unsuspecting victim – they might never come. Just lay the prank – then get the hell outta there! Oh, but make sure you’ve got a sweet spot to watch the plank play out.

So there you have it. Hopefully we’ve got you excited about doing your thing on April Fool Day. Is there a prank that’s forever been implanted in your mind? Maybe there’s one you’ve always wanted to play but never got the chance to do it?


Catch Culture’s Guide to Taking an Awesome Selfie

By Jayden

Did you know there’s a Wikipedia page about how to take a selfie?

I didn’t, at least not until I typed, for the first time ever actually, the word selfie into the Google Machine. There’s actually some fairly interesting background regarding the art of the self-portrait, with the first recorded “selfie” being taken way back in 1939!

But that’s enough boring talk! You don’t care about history! You only care about taking selfies, selfies, and nothing but the selfies. Well, buckle up all you Facebookers, Tweeters and Instagramers; We’re going to look at how to take the most perfect selfie!

It’s all about size

Contrary to what every male on the planet says, size does matter, and when it comes to the subtle art of selfie taking, the smaller the better. We’re talking smartphones here, gutter-minds!

Yeah so okay, the kids today might be all about the iPhone 6 Plus and those weird looking “phablets” (big arsed phones that look like an iPad), but seriously, you’re going to want a smaller smartphone (because let’s face it, who’s actually using a camera to take selfies these days? Nerds.) in order to take better selfies. Because here’s the lowdown; The smaller the phone you’re using, the easier it is to one-hand snap those pics while striking your best pose.

Have you tried taking a happy snap of yourself and your friends with an iPhone 6 Plus? Pass! Something around the 5” or less size is just perfect, meaning iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, or even a Windows Lumia 930 (if you’re into Windows Phone…) should be your weapon of choice depending on your OS preference.

Always face the front

If you take one thing away from this blog, it should be this; Always use your smartphone’s front camera when taking a selfie. Under no circumstances are you to use the back, and far superior by a whole lot, camera. Ever! Y’all can complain all you want – waaaaah, the back camera has higher megapixels, and it makes me look better!!! – just no. No! Never!

When taking selfies you always run the risk of catching (see what I did there?) that particular angle that makes you look like the Elephant Man, and no one wants to see that. Using the front camera on your phone allows you to “preview” your selfie before you capture it (read: create a saved record of your horribly disfigured face). So use it. Simples.

To recap; Always use the front-facing camera when using selfies. Always!

Find your best angle (and work it, baby!)

So far we’ve covered that you should be using a smartphone no more than 5” in size (a teeny bit over is fine), and you should always be using your phone’s front camera. Next up is the subtle art of angles, and how important it is you locate your best possible angle, and work that puppy to the bone.

Apparently there’s this whole science surrounding the fact people prefer to snap a selfie of the left side of their face, or what have you; but that’s just silly talk. You use whichever side of your lovely face that doesn’t make you look like a rejected cast member of American Horror Story: Freak Show, be it your left side, right side, or the back of your head.

Buy a Selfie Stick

Oh yes, we’re going there. No doubt you’ve heard about the selfie stick, the phenomenon currently “catching” on in Australia (see what we did there?!). We sell ‘em here on Catch from time to time, and even I own one (after my grandparents bought one for my dad, for some reason, who in turn gave it to me). When it comes to the art of selfies, there is no tool better, other than your phone, than the selfie stick.

I could talk about the benefits of owning a selfie stick, and why such an invention is simply a gift from on high when it comes to taking group-selfies, or when you want to capture some stunning scenery in the background, but what I’m going to do is let Catch’s own selfie stick ad speak for the product itself;

“Picture this: You’re out on the weekend with your friends grabbing some dranks, and you suddenly realise y’all look amazing. You want to take an epic group selfie, but what’s that, your arm isn’t long enough? Oh no! Enter the Selfie Stick, the best way to take the “perfect selfie” each and every time!”

Silly faces are allowed, but duck face ain’t

This is pretty simple, but don’t use that gosh-darn duck face. It’s been overplayed to the point where even the ducks are laughing at you, at everyone. That said, however, feel free to use silly faces. The more obscure the better. After all, what’s the point of a selfie unless it’s silly and fun? Golly gee.

Got a better suggestion? Sound off below and let us know. In the meantime, I’ll be taking selfies in and around the Catch HQ.

7 Awesome Aussie Movies For Your Next Movie Night!

By Sean

Nothing says summer nights more than a good movie session (preferably on a rooftop or at an outdoor cinema!) So if your organising a movie night with your friends, we’ve taken care of the line-up. We’re talking Aussie Movies! In this list of 7 awesome Australian-made movies, there’s something for everyone, so grab the remote and the popcorn, and fire up your Blu-ray player for a crack at these recent Australian films:

Our home-grown Aussie movies that are actually awesome!

The Babadook

Starring Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman.

An Aussie breakout hit at the Sundance Film Festival, The Babadook is just about the only horror you need to watch this Australia Day. Hell, make this your go-to horror for the rest of the year. It comes from first-time director Jennifer Kent, who manages to turn what could’ve been a boring, paint-by-numbers ghost story into something that’s closer to the horror classic, The Shining. Yes, that is a comparison to The Shining. This movie is that good.

Available now on Blu-ray & DVD.

Charlie’s Country

Starring David Gulpilil, need we say more?

If The Babadook is your must-see Aussie horror flick, then Charlie’s Country is your must-see Aussie movie, period. Bringing together two Australian legends: actor/writer David Gulpilil and writer/director Rolf de Heer. It’s a thought-provoking, heartbreaking and incredibly important film that’s been praised by everyone from David and Margaret to the judges at the Cannes Film Festival (where Gulpilil won the ‘Best Actor’ award).

Available now on Blu-ray & DVD.  


Starring Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver and gorgeous shots of Australian wilderness.

Based on Robyn Davidson’s memoir, this film follows Wasikowska on a nine month, 2,700 kilometre trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. With photography from the acclaimed Mandy Walker (who also shot the equally exquisite, Australia), this movie will fill you with wonder and awe and provide you with stunning proof that Australia is a terrifyingly beautiful place.

Available now on Blu-ray & DVD.

The Mule

Starring Angus Sampson, Hugo Weaving, Leigh Whannell, Noni Hazlehurst and John Noble

Aussie films are known for their ability to find the humour in just about any situation. In The Mule, writer and star Angus Sampson makes that situation as physically uncomfortable as possible. The film follows Sampson, who is detained by law enforcement on suspicion of hiding drugs within himself, to put it politely. Hugo Weaving, a dogged officer, simply decides to wait until Sampson gives up the goods as the full story unravels around them.

Available now on iTunes.


Starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook and Noah Taylor

From the directors of the vampire romp, Daybreakers, comes Predestination: a time-travelling, manhunting, mind-bending good time. Temporal Agents Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook (in a star-making performance) hunt for the elusive ‘Fizzle Bomber’ throughout time, in a desperate attempt to save millions of lives. Hailed by critics and audiences alike, think Minority Report, except layered with twisty time travel antics.

Available now on Blu-ray & DVD.

The Rover

Starring Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson and Scoot McNairy.

Director of the instant classic, Animal Kingdom, David Michôd returned last year with The Rover, a dark and gritty near-future thriller. Guy Pearce enlists Robert Pattinson to help reclaim his stolen car from a pack of thieves. Basically, it’s Mad Max, only taken completely seriously. Robert Pattinson turns in a unique and engrossing performance. A must-watch, if only for this amazing scene:

What We Do In The Shadows

Starring Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi and Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (plus a sneak cameo from Murray!)

Okay, this one’s cheating a little. It’s not technically an Aussie film (it’s from New Zealand) but it’s just too damn good to leave out of this list. Take Flight Of The Conchords’ Jemaine Clement, team him up with the talented director of Boy, Taika Waititi, then put them both to work on a mockumentary-style comedy about three ancient vampire housemates who are struggling to live in the modern world, and you’ll come close to the insanity that is What We Do In The Shadows.

So If you are blessed with a cool Summer night this week, show your true blue Aussie colours by grabbing one of these awesome films and celebrating with a good marathon!

Did we miss an awesome Aussie movie in our list? Share in the comments below!

Feature Image: Via Flickr

9 Easy Savings Strategies for Shopaholics!

AKA – How To Afford All Of The Things!

If you’re anything like me,  your wallet probably has an imaginary hole in it, where money just disappears all the time! Am I right? We may never solve this phenomenon of disappearing money -(although some call it “having bills”), the good news is that you can get a hold on it! Saving money may feel like an unclimbable mountain but there a many strategies and resources to help you build up your accounts.

The Catch team have come up with  9 strategies to get your savings back on track this year:

1. Write a list of your fortnightly expenses/bills

dollar-157903_640The day I found out about direct debiting, I thought it was an awesome way to manage my bills. Never missing a payment made it easier to not ever worry about my expenses but I didn’t realise how much money was leaving my account all the time.

By writing a list of your fortnightly (or monthly, according to your pay cycle) you will have a better idea of where all your money is going. Include all of your bills (direct-debit and to be payed), your weekly costs – food,  transport, petrol – to really plot out where your money is going. You can use this information to have a better judgement on how much spending money you have for more fun things!

2. Set a Savings Goal

We all know that saving money is the best thing to do for the future, but sometimes we feel like we are depriving ourselves or that saving somehow means that we can’t have something that we want right now.

In fact it’s the opposite – You’re gaining something by saving your money – your gaining savings! Duh! It may sound dead simple but having a goal for your savings account changes the way you think about spending habits. If you work towards getting your account up to a goal amount, you’ll a burst of happiness about your money situation and the good vibes will keep your bank account growing steady!

3. Look for discounts on products you need/will need in the future

Discounts are all around us – if you simply look for them. Buying items in bulk means massive savings over time! Looking out for items on discount websites allows you to buy the items you want and still save some cash on the side. We don’t like to brag – Okay we do! Here at Catch Of The day we do this really well!

Try buying your groceries online or looking for heavily discounted family products  for big savings on everyday items!

4. The old piggy bank tricksavings-box-159086_640

This one’s an oldie but certainly works its magic when those extra bills pop up! Leaving cash laying around the house, in the car or even in random drawers almost certainly means it’s forgotten! And that’s never a good thing. They may seem small and insignificant at the time, but you’d be surprised at how much money accumulates by popping all of that loose change into a trusty piggy bank.

5. Cut one extra expense from your life

Do you have a coffee every morning? Only costs a few dollars – no big deal! Well, if you have a $3 cup every morning, you can rack up a total of almost $1100 a year! Cutting down on these expenses is a great way to save money because giving up small things isn’t always noticeable. Plus having an extra $500 a year can really help! Pick one thing you are willing to give up or cut back on each week and you’ll start to see results! It’s extra cash you can use for so many other things!

6. Give yourself a paycheck

You might ask, “What do you mean give myself a paycheck? Don’t I already get one?” Yes, you do get a pay check and on pay day it feels like you’re just swimming in expendable money. You think to yourself “I’m rich I can do whatever I want!” but in reality, most of that pay is already allocated to bills, rent, debts and groceries! The trick is to give yourself a paycheck! Allocate yourself a small amount of your pay as a reward to yourself and use only this money to buy things you’ve been wanting! That way you can keep within a small budget and still feel rewarded – good times!

7. Re-analyse for accounts

calculator-404000_640This strategy is a goldmine and yet hardly anyone does it! Always look over your insurance/gym/ rent/bills/accounts/payment plans and compare prices with other dealers. Websites like I Select or Compare The Market make it easy to answer the tough questions. Can you switch health insurances,?Can you get a gym discount for off peak? Can you get a rewards card for your coffees and movies?

8. Look for high interest bank accounts

Now that you’ve got your income and payments sorted, look for other ways to leverage your money. Can you switch your bank accounts to get a higher interest rate? Look for ways to earn more interest on all of your new savings. Who doesn’t want to receive extra money just for having money sit in a bank account?!

9. Stay away from credit cards

Do you sometimes think having a credit card is like having free money? This is a sign you should stay away from the credit card trap! Banks will try to woo you with words like “diamond”, “platinum” and “no limits” but unless you have means to pay off your credit card month by month (without racking up any debt),  my advice is to steer clear!

Do you have any tips on how to save money and build up your bank accounts?

Share in the comments…

Behind The Scenes: Hugo Boss Photoshoot

If you haven’t guessed by now, this one’s mostly for the ladies! One thing we love about selling awesome fashions brands is when our lovely and gorgeous models stop by, just to say hello, and take their shirts off!

We present to you: Behind the Scenes – Hugo Boss (the black and white edition).

Thanks to our awesome model, Jason John! seriously check out his instagram!

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Catch Of The Day’s Blog Has Had A Makeover!

Welcome to Catch Culture – the blog for Australia’s #1 eCommerce Website – Catch Of The Day!

The Catch team have been busily working to give the blog a makeover! Catch Culture is a new blog space from Catch Of The Day to find bonus content, have a laugh and explore what’s been going on behind the scenes at Catch HQ.

You can expect awesome technology & gaming posts, a touch of active lifestyle inspiration to keep you going and loads of shopping guides and style trends to get your fix of online retail therapy!


New posts will feature on the home page, plus you can also explore the Tech & Gaming, Active, and Style categories in the menu where you are sure to find something that suits you!

Keep up-to date with all of the craziness here at Catch HQ and when you’re ready to find some amazing daily deals head over to to see what’s on offer!

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