Top 5 iPhone and Android Games: From the Apple Store and Google Play

Stuck on deciding what iPhone or Android games to download?

We have all your favourites covered from racing, puzzle, sports and shooters! Be prepared to get squashed, smashed, lost and saved in our top five list of app games! All of these can be downloaded through the Apple Store and Google Play.

5. Asphalt 8 (free)

Forget dull and boring racing games, it’s time to up the ante with some crazy speed, drifting, stunts and crashes. Asphalt 8 is an amazing game for those who love to get their adrenaline racing while on the move. Gameloft got the right balance between realism and fiction with this racing game and because of that it’s definitely one of our favourites.

4. Crossy Road (free)

Did you ever play Frogger when you were younger? Crossy Road puts a brand new spin on this classic game. Be prepared to encounter dangerous roads, train tracks and rivers – and be ready to be squished. Collect coins as you progress and unlock new characters in the process for ultimate bragging rights and glory.

3. Neon Shadow ($0.99)

Neon Shadow is a great responsive and consistent FPS shooting game for mobile devices. The controls work great and moving, shooting, running is a sinch. The action is really noteworthy with pace that suits those on a touch screen. The overall story line is fun, but nothing too over the top which we liked – Neon Shadow gets the fundamentals right and is a total blast.

2. Super Stickman Golf 2 (free)

Super Stickman Golf 2 is an amazing mini golf experience. You play on a different variety of maps; like caves, castles and candy lands. Go online against friends or other opponents in real time as you watch them swing at the ball and get around obstacles. Be wary of sand traps and use the sticky candy to your advantage in this fun new spin on golf!

1. Walking Dead (free)

Zombie fans rejoice – download the Walking Dead game for real life zombie epidemic experience! Make choices and decide your own destiny in this epic story intensive based game. We love the fact that the decisions you make will impact your future success or failure so be sure to make wise choices to keep your brains intact.

Were any of these games in your top 5? Let us know which of these games you really want to play and suggest your personal favourite game in the comments below for a review. Have fun!

Which Headphones Suit Your Needs? The Ultimate Guide!

Choosing the right headphones can be a tough task whether it’s for yourself or a gift for others. There are so many options out there, with many different functions so it’s important to understand the differences – from water-proof, gaming, wireless headphones and more. Luckily we have done all the hard work for you and collated the ultimate guide.

Hate cords? Go for wireless headphones!

Are you the type of person who hates cords and clutter but still want to have an amazing audio experience? Look no further and pick up a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones – just keep in mind they will require charging or battery replacement every couple of months or so.

Sony Wireless Headset
Sony Wireless Headset
Sennheiser Wireless Headphone System


Water and sweat proof – for exercise lovers

Do you like to listen to music cycling, at the gym or going for a run? Then fitness headphones are a must buy! These fellas will be sure to work even under the sweatiest of conditions, and they will be sure to stay in your ears with an ergonomic design specially crafted for stability during exercise.

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds Bluetooth Headphones - Green
BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds Bluetooth Headphones – Green
Philips Sports ActionFit Neckband Headset - Orange/Grey
Philips Sports ActionFit Neckband Headset – Orange/Grey


Awesome aesthetics – for the fashion conscious

So you care about looking cool and getting a good quality of audio at the same time. You’ll love some premium designer headphones. These headphones will be sure to impress your friends and family as well as keep you looking fresh while on the train, on a plane or in the city. These are the ultimate modern fashion accessory.

Monster Diamond Tears On-Ear Headphones - Black
Monster Diamond Tears On-Ear Headphones – Black
Ferrari by Logic3 T350 Cavallino Over-Ear Headphones
Ferrari by Logic3 T350 Cavallino Over-Ear Headphones


For the ultimate gaming experience

If you play any video games it’s a must that you have a pair of gaming headphones. These guys give a 360-degree sound stage with unmatched accuracy so you can get total game immersion and are an absolute requirement for anyone serious about FPS games like Battlefield or Call of Duty.

SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism Gaming Headset - Black
SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism Gaming Headset – Black
Turtle Beach Elite 800 Noise-Cancelling Gaming Headset
Turtle Beach Elite 800 Noise-Cancelling Gaming Headset



For travellers who enjoy versatility – without losing quality

Do you want to have a high quality sound experience with all the bulk of a regular sized headphone? Premium earphones are your solution, these little fellas are perfect travel accessories for short and long trips, they also provide more sound isolation – and block out more ambient noise because they fit snuggly with your inner ear.

Denon Urban Raver In-Ear Headphones
Denon Urban Raver In-Ear Headphones
Sennheiser MM 80i Travel Headset - Black
Sennheiser MM 80i Travel Headset – Black



Ultimate quality and sound –  for those who just want the best

For the person who wants the ultimate sound experience, go for the top of the range premium headphones. These headphones are the pinnacle in high sound quality, comfort and quality. Be sure to have high quality audio files to get the most out of these headphones!

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones - Blue
Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones – Blue
Yamaha HPH-Pro 500 Series Headphones – Blue










You should by now have a really good idea of what type of headphones will work for your needs – and of course as a perfect gift for family and friends.

All of these headphones are currently available on Catch of the Day – but for a limited time only so be quick if you want to score them at a bargain price!

5 Tech Gadgets That Will Digitize Your Home

By Sean

Digital products have taken over nearly every part of our daily activities. They wake you up in the morning, provide you with the day’s news, let you know if your train is running late, give you an infinite variety of gifs to email to colleagues, track how much exercise you have (or have not) done – there’s no telling which part of your day doesn’t involve a digital something or other… and the list is only getting bigger.

Check out these five mind-boggling innovations that are sure to revolutionise your daily habits in the home:

Wireless Chargers

Of all the technology on this list, wireless or “QI” chargers are by far the most mind-boggling. By cleverly manipulating electromagnetic fields, all these chargers require is physical contact with your device. No more awkwardly fumbling to connect your device, simply place it on the mat and forget about it. Even more exciting still is uBeam’s upcoming “ultrasound” technology, which essentially sends energy to your phone from up to 15 feet away. Yes, really.

Wireless Chargers gif

Wireless Lighting Control

It’s really horrible to leave the house in the morning, only to realise you’ve left the lights on. Well, products like Philips’ Hue or Belkin’s WeMo let you control your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. The specialised bulbs are far more energy efficient than your standard incandescent bulb and they come in a range of colours to suit any mood. Everybody wins.

Robot Vacuums

Ever since the first screening of The Jetsons some 50 years ago, society has been craving robotic house cleaners. While your parents had to wait decades for the first robotic vacuum (released in 1997), you now have the freedom of choosing from a massive range of robot vacuum models, each designed to fit your exact living space. Some models now even pack UV sterilisation and mopping functions that are customisable from a smartphone app, meaning you barely have to lift a finger to get your floors spick and span.

Cat on Robot Vacuum


An infinitely handy innovation from Google, Chromecast is a tiny dongle that plugs into the HDMI port on your television. From there, you can stream, or “cast” content from smartphones, tablets and computers to the screen. Say goodbye to the woes of binge-watching House Of Cards on your small and inadequate laptop screen. Now you can cast movies, TV shows, music, web browsing and more straight to your TV. No wires needed.

business Chromecast gif

The Oculus Rift

If Mark Zuckerberg’s spending is anything to go by, The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is the next big thing in home entertainment. Zuckerberg reportedly spent an insane $2 billion on the technology, stating that, “When you put it on, you enter a completely immersive computer-generated environment, like a game or a movie scene.” The potential isn’t limited to movies or gaming either, “We’re going to make Oculus a platform for many other experiences. Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face — just by putting on goggles in your home.” Fair warning though, you will look ridiculous using them.

Oculus Rift Gif

Need more tech inspiration in your day? Check out:

Which 21st century tech invention are you most excited about?

Front image credit: Eirik Newth

Why There Was No Underwear in Space: 7 Little Known Star Wars Facts

It’s May the 4th, which to anyone remotely geek-affiliated means that it is International Star Wars Day and we’ve got a mega collection of Star Wars loot on site today that you can browse to your heart’s content.

To celebrate, our Community Manager and resident Star Wars aficionado Kelsey (seriously, she has the Han Solo tattoo to prove it) has given us a collection of little-known trivia about the movie series that changed many of our lives.

Read on to be surprised by these TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD Star Wars facts:

The role of Mace Windu was more badass than you can possibly imagine

Not only did Tupac Shakur audition for the role initially, Samuel L. Jackson also claims that the words “Bad Motherf*****” were engraved on the lightsaber that his character used. I wonder whether they sold Royales with cheese on Alderaan?

Well, if there’s one person who can get rid of them, it’s Samuel L. Ja- oh. Right. He died. Image Source

Princess Leia didn’t wear underwear during the entire movie, and the reason why is weird

It seems that George Lucas was a pretty smooth talker. Apparently he managed to convince Carrie Fisher that there was no underwear in outer space. When interviewed about it, she said that Lucas had seriously thought out the reason why: “He explained that in space you get weightless, and so your flesh expands. What? But your bra doesn’t, so you get strangled by your bra.” The famous metal bikini she wore was, as a result, strapped on with gaffer tape and according to Fisher she had great trouble lying down as the metal bikini stayed up and “Boba Fett could see all the way to Florida” … Being one of the only women in space definitely had some major drawbacks.

boba fett
Now we know why Boba never took his mask off. Image Source

Ewan McGregor made lightsaber noises as he duelled while filming

Don’t lie, you would do exactly the same thing if you were handed a lightsaber by George Lucas. Heck, if I was in that position I would look pretty much identical to this guy. Mr McGregor’s noises had to be edited out in post production, and there’s a part of me that wishes they had released an uncut edition.

Ewan McGregor
They see me rollin’, they hatin’… Image Source

There’s an island that accepts Star Wars collectible coins as legal tender

Yep! The South Pacific island of Niue accepts the limited edition coins as real money. Excuse me while I pack my bags – clearly they have good taste in both movies and currency.

Star Wars Money Darth Vader
There’s a certain irony in putting the figurehead of a massive galactic dictatorship on official government currency. Image Source

Qui-Gon Jinn used a fairly unorthodox everyday item for his communicator

The personal communicator used by Qui-Gon in Episode I is actually made from a cast of a Gilette Ladies Sensor Excell razor. He could keep in touch with everyone AND have silky smooth legs! That’s jedi-level multitasking right there.

Qui Gon Jin Razor Phone
Why what smooths legs you have Qui-Gon! Image Source

Make your own authentic Episode I communicator with our great selection of razors now! (Never thought we’d be able to plug that category in a blog post, thanks Qui-Gon…)

This is not only an actual thing, it was a number one hit in 1977

The funk is strong with this one.

‘N Sync nearly had a cameo in Attack of the Clones

Not sure whether this one is amazing or tragic. George Lucas’ daughter requested that her favourite band be present in the movie, to which Lucas initially obliged. The band had to say “bye, bye, bye” to their cameo though (see what I did there?) once the final edit happened, and they presumably wanted more screentime for Jar Jar.

Feel free to argue with us about which movie of the trilogy was the best (it’s Empire Strikes Back FYI) and what George Lucas was thinking when he created Jar Jar Binks in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page!

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Top 6 Music Streaming Apps: How to Pick From The Tidal of Options

Choosing a music streaming service on your iPhone or Android sometimes isn’t as straight forward and there isn’t a jack of all trades option.

Considering most music streaming apps require subscription payments, it can mean choosing the right one for you an extremely stressful task if you haven’t done your research. What service you decide to choose depends on a number of factors including what your music tastes are, whether you prefer an on-demand streaming option or a radio style  or even whether you would like exclusive content and celebrity playlists.

We can’t tell you which one is the perfect one for you – but we can help you decide which will best fit your needs.


Pick Spotify for special content, good free options and stability.
Spotify is the most commonly used app on the music streaming market, and for good reason. Spotify has an extremely wide range of music and offers over 30 million songs, offline playback and radio options which can predict what songs that will match the mood you’re in. It has been around for a relatively long time and is well established. Spotify also lets you create your own playlists, unlike most others. Spotify premium subscriptions currently run $9.99 per month – which enables an ad-free experience and usability on your smartphone.

Spotify. Image Source
Spotify. Image Source

Beats Music

For outstanding playlist aggregation
Beats has the best playlist aggregation – meaning, it knows which songs to recommend for you. It also has a feature called The Sentence, a continuous succession of songs customized based on the provided location, activity, people, and genre that you have chosen. There is no free tier and paid subscriptions start at $10 a month or $100 a year. There’s a lot to love about Beats, mostly when it comes to music discovery.

Beats the sentence
Beats the sentence. Image via  iTunes

Google Play Music

A synergy of your existing songs and streaming capabilities.
Google Play music offers millions of songs at our fingertips through streaming, and in addition allows you to add up to 50,000 extra songs that already exist on your device to help you keep better management of your music and playlists. If most of your music was purchased in a place other than iTunes – this is the platform for you. The full cost is $9.99 per month, however is comes with a month free trail, give it a go and see if it suits you.

Google Play Image via iTunes
Google Play Image via iTunes


For a more grassroots music discovery experience and a strong community.
SoundCloud is totally free for listeners. The platform contains amazing remixes by independent artists, DJs, as well as big artists who release a huge amount of unheard material that will never be released mainstream or radio. The great thing about SoundCloud is the community, people are encouraged to share, like and comment on their favourite tracks – you can even comment within specific time frames of a song to comment on your favourite breakdown lyrics or chorus. Soundcloud is great for all music lovers, chiefly though for those into electronic, hip-hop and instrumentals.

SoundCloud. Image Source
SoundCloud. Image Source


For a great interface and superb user experience.
Rdio has an amazingly streamline and simple user interface. If you’re after simplicity and style, look no further than this streaming service. It has offline playback, lots of ways to discover new music and a great station editing feature. Rdio trades off exclusive content which something like Spotify has for an overall better user experience. So if you don’t care about that, this is for you. Rdio is free as a radio service, the premium version starts at $9.99 a month which has unlimited listening and is ad free.

Rdio. Image via iTunes
Rdio. Image via iTunes


For amazingly high quality lossless audio, exclusive songs and videos.Tidal is the hottest, most recent addition to music streaming world – it is owned by Jay Z and supported by various other artists including Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris and Chris Martin. The focus of Tidal is on extremely high lossless sound quality (which will also use more internet data). This higher sound quality however will only be fully utilised if you listen on studio quality devices. Tidal also promises exclusive songs and videos from artists. Tidal doesn’t offer a free version beyond a 30-day free trial. The platform instead propositions two payment plans: a $9.99-per-month tier for standard-quality sound or 19.99-per-month for high-definition audio. If you’re an audiophile this is the streaming service for you!

Tidal. Image Source
Tidal. Image Source

You may be aware that these are only a handful of the best streaming apps out there, and undoubtedly there will be many more amazing ones to come.

Let us know in the comments which streaming services you already use or if you will consider trying others? Happy streaming!

How to Pick a Fitness Tracker for Your Workout Style

Thinking about getting a fitness tracker but don’t know which one is right for you? There are lots of different options for fitness trackers and wearable fitness bands that it can be a little confusing. If you’re a fitness fanatic or you just love the idea of analyzing your workout, fitness trackers are awesome gadgets and a growing trend in the world of workouts.

So we’ve done the hard yards to give you the skinny on our top pick fitness trackers, to help you choose one to best suit your workout style.

Read on to see which fitness tracker will suit you:

The everyday person who fits exercise into a busy lifestyle

If you live a very busy lifestyle and are looking to integrate your workout with all the other moving parts of your life then the Garmin Vivofit will suit you well. It has all of the great activity tracking features that are almost standard with fitness trackers (sleep monitoring, step counter, calorie counter), but it also connects to your smartphone and vibrates for calls, alerts, text messages and emails. Great for when you’re on the run, so you never miss that important phone call.  It also has inactivity alerts to get you up and moving when you’ve been sitting at your desk for too long. Plus the Garmin Vivofit sometimes comes with a separate heart rate monitor as an extra feature. As most fitness trackers do, it has a specific Garmin Connect app that will sync with your device to let you know all of your stats on your smartphone.

Garmin Vivofit red vertical


Best for: Everyday fitness

Features included: Inactivity alerts, sleep tracker, calorie counter, step counter, activity tracker, personalised goals, real time live tracking feature, heart rate monitor comes separately.

What it doesn’t have: Garmin Vivofit doesn’t sync to other fitness apps.

What app does it connect to? Garmin Connect™ Mobile app.

Is my device compatible? The Garmin Connect™ Mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

For fitness fanatics who love to keep active

If you’re very into your sports and enjoy a wide range of exercise options, the Fitbit flex is a good choice. Compared to other fitness trackers, Fitbit flex technology is built to sync with a range of fitness and health apps including My Fitness Pal, making it very compatible and can track a wide range of stats including activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight and more. It is easy to wear and a popular choice in the wearables market.

Fitbit Flex blakc

Best for: Fitness fanatics 

Features included: silent wake alarm, sleep tracker, calorie counter, step counter, activity tracker including distance travelled, food logging, personalised goals, inactivity alerts,

What it doesn’t have: No screen display, led lights show progress. No heart rate monitor.

What app does it connect to? Fitbit app. Fitbit also syncs with many other health and fitness apps. membership allows you to track activity, weight and body mass online.

Is my device compatible? Fitbit app is compatible with iOS and Android.

The social workout lover

Do you love working out with friends and looking good while you exercise? We suggest the Misfit Flash for its stylish design and social features. The Misfit app allows you to connect with friends and compare stats with a leaderboard, which works well for people who are motivated socially. The only downside is that you can only connect with other misfit owners, so make sure you grab some for your friends as well. Pressing down on the display with show led lights which indicate how your workout is progressing. A stylish and basic fitness wearable.

Mitfit Flash Pink
Best for:
 A stylish look and social connections with your workout.

Features included: Friends and family can complete using Misfit app. Display shows watch function, app features personalised goals, sleep tracker, calorie counter, step counter.

What it doesn’t have: No heart rate monitor, display shows progress but doesn’t display counter.

What app does it connect to? Misfit app

Is my device compatible? Misfit app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

For when you need the motivate to lose weight

If you’ve set yourself some personal goals of getting healthy this year, the Jawbone UP is a good choice. The smart coach feature will motivate you to push your goals with personal challenges. On the food tracking side, it has a easy to use food logging program to improve the quality of your nutrition and get you to your ideal weight by logging food and drink choices and calories. Simply pop in the meal details or scan the barcode of the product you’re consuming. This provides you with a Food Score to help educate you on food choices. The Jawbone is also compatible with many other health apps.

Jawbone blueBest for: Keeping motivated and getting healthy.

Features included: Friends and family can complete using Jawbone Up app. App also provides sleep tracking, smart alarm, smart coach, calorie counter, step counter, personalized goal tracker.

What it doesn’t have: Led display lights up to show your mode status but no other screen display.

What app does it connect to? Jawbone UPSimilar to Vivofit, Jawbone is also compatible with many other fitness app listed.

Is my device compatible? Jawbone Up is compatible with both iOS and Android.

If you’re serious about your training

The Withings Pulse O2 is a great wearable fitness tracker for those who are really into their training. Compared to other fitness trackers, the Withings Pulse O2 not only tracks steps, calories and personal goals but also tracks altitude and elevation, heart rate and blood oxygen levels. This wearable is also a good choice for athletes as it shows an overall health representation taking into account weight, activity, sleep and heart health and encourages you to work on areas of weakness, rather than setting your own priorities.

Withings Pulse O2Best for: Increasing your fitness levels and overall heart health.

Features included: Blood oxygen and heart rate monitors, display shows steps and calories, touchscreen allows you to view past history on the device, altitude tracker, sleep tracker, calorie counter, step counter, elevation climbed, personalized goal tracker, badging system allows to to gamify your fitness tracking, friends and family can complete using the Health Mate app, food logging, real-time coaching.

What it doesn’t have: Withings Pulse O2 covers almost all features that other fitness wearables have.

What app does it connect to? Works with the Health Mate App.

Is my device compatible? Withings Pulse O2 is compatible with both iOS and Android.

With all of that knowledge to take in, hopefully you have a better understanding of what you are looking for in a fitness tracker. Of course, each device will have loads of features so make sure you know which features you are interested in and choose the device best suited to your lifestyle.

If you are in the mood to shop for a fitness tracker, there are top brands available on Catch of the Day, so check it out!

Do you have a fitness tracker? What do you like or dislike about it? Did we miss any important features? Let us know in the comments.