Hints and Tips Comp!

Good morning people!
Throughout the course of our lives, the people around us tell us all kinds of useful hints and tips. Many can indeed be brushed off as urban legends, but others are truly lifesavers, for example this morning I was making breakfast for mum, and I was a bit over enthusiastic with the salt, that’s when mum saved the day and said:
When you put too much salt in the food, throw in a peeled potato and it will absorb the excess.
There you go! Next time you spill the salt into your food remember that tip and say thanks to my mum! Today’s competition is in much the same spirit of helping other people, but today we’ll be helping fellow catchers.

First Prize: Mystery Prize! In the words of Peter Griffin, ‘A boat’s a boat but a box could be anything! It could even be a boat!’. You never know what you’ll get with a mystery prize, but that’s what makes it better than a regular ‘prize’!.
How to enter: Simply post a useful tip or hint using this discuss link -HERE-, you may enter as many times as you like.
How to win? We will have two winner’s, one for the most INTERESTING tip and one for the most USEFUL tip, get cracking! Onto the stuff of the day…
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News of the Day

AFL sends message on drinking
THE AFL yesterday identified the curbing of binge drinking as a priority, labelling it a common denominator in players behaving badly…
Ferrari condemn verdict in spy hearing
Ferrari lambasted Formula One’s governing body on Thursday after championship leaders McLaren went unpunished for having data belonging to the Italian team…
NASA to launch Endeavour on August 7
The US space agency NASA has confirmed it will try to launch the space shuttle Endeavour on August 7 for the spacecraft’s first mission in nearly five years.

Weather of the Day

Adelaide [Min: 10C Max: 15C]
Brisbane [Min: 9C Max: 24C]
Canberra [Min: 8C Max: 13C]
Darwin [Min: 20C Max: 31C]
Hobart [Min: 7C Max: 13C]
Melbourne [Min: 12C Max: 16C]
Perth [Min: 10C Max: 19C]
Sydney [Min: 11C Max: 19C]

Video of the Day
Rollerskating bottle chimes! Make sure your speakers are turned on!

Image of the Day
Fee fi fo fum!

Links of the day
Feeling geeky today! First up the wildest computer case mod i’ve seen in my life here-.
Jessica Alba is SINGLE again! -here-.

Chat of the day
Hints and Tips, Ferrari F1 Racing, Musical Rollerskates and sticking up to bullies.

Over and out!



This is going to be our collective online stomping ground, we’ll have competitions, special team contributions, giveaways, competitions, special articles, competitions and did I mention competitions?

The Catch Of The Day team members will be onboard with me on this one, for example Jay will be blogging about films and television series and hopefully LG can talk a little bit about football (thats with the round ball), Ferry might blog about a new video game OR you could send me an article youd like posted and Ill post that up. Our doors are wide open to your videos, photos and articles. Just try to make it interesting! Email your submissions here-, include a little line about who you are, and where you are from so I can introduce you to the rest of the viewers.

Alright! Enough boring blather lets start strong, lets start with a competition. Presenting:

COTD Caption Comp I
First Prize: A pair of hoyts movie tickets.
Target image:

For those new to caption competitions, you simply have to write a funny line describing the image above, it can be anything from a quote to a one liner. The competition ends at midday tomorrow and well pick the funniest entry then. How to enter? Simply post your entry in todays blog post using the discuss link below.

GASP! Did I say discuss? Yes! We can now talk to each other en masse using the comment feature of this blog. Lets lay some ground rules,

1 – Please keep any product related, customer service issues or comments, with customer service, that includes any questions or comments regarding our current catch/product. Does it have USB? It might lad, it might. Check in the writeup/FAQ/with customer service, you wont get any answers out of me.

2 – Obviously, please dont link/mention other online retail sites. Lets keep things as civil as possible.

Ive really been dying to launch this new section mainly to get the chance to talk to all of you, so dont hold back.

Alright lets kick this off, should be fun ^^

P.S Wondering where the past products archive is now? Just click Caught from the top menu.