StarTrack 2016 ORIAS People’s Choice Award

A BIG Thanks To YOU – People’s Choice Award!

On the night of Thursday, July 21 some of the team from Catch Of The Day travelled to Sydney to attend the StarTrack 2016 ORIAS – the online retail industry awards night. All dressed up in smart looking attire (quite different to what we usually wear here at Catch), we were lucky enough to come back with a pretty good looking trophy. Catch Of The Day has been awarded the 2016 People’s Choice Award, and of course we have you to thank for that!

We value your opinions and feedback and we’re super excited that we got to win such a prestigious award within the online retail industry.

Catch Group CEO Jason Rudy says “Receiving The StarTrack ORIAS 2016 People’s Choice Award is testament to the hard work and passion of the entire Catch Group team, knowing that our customers are happy is what keeps us motivated every day.”

Ranked by The 2016 E-Commerce Leaders Playbook as the 3rd biggest retail site in Australia, we are driven to offer you all great deals every single day. We have over 10,000 different items on sale, including brands like Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and everyday items at incredibly low prices – as you would know!  Our site is perfect for online shoppers who love a bargain, and we know how much you guys love the real deal!

“To win is a great honour and an achievement and we owe it to our dedicated team as well as our consumers,” Head of Customer Service, Adam Rudy says. “The People’s Choice Award is based on customer votes, so it gives a true representation on what the people of Australia really think.” Our Customer Service team is constantly sorting out any issues on the spot, and is there when you need them most whether it be via email, phone or live chat. It also gives you the chance to contact us to ask any questions before snapping up a great deal.

Some trivia for you! sells an item every few seconds, and ships out over 8,000 orders per day. With the helping hand of automated picking robots in our massive 25000m² warehouse, we do what we can to ensure your parcels are packaged securely and dropped off at your door as fast as possible. We couldn’t have kept our customers as happy as they are without the service that AusPost delivers every day. Thanks again, for the win!


Nike or ASICS? How to choose the perfect runners

Trying to choose a pair of runners can easily make you sweat as much as running itself. It’s tough and often confusing with all the terminology that come with many technically-designed runners.

Two of the biggest brands setting the trend in creating the most up-to-date and technically advanced runners are Nike and ASICS. Although the two brands share similar core properties like focusing on flexibility, support and fit, there’s a distinctive difference.

To make an overall comparison between these two brands, think of Apple and Microsoft. Where many people relate Apple with eye-catching and simplicity of its product design, it’s practicality and engineering that they identify more with Microsoft products. Nike and ASICS also bear similar differences when it comes to their product range.

To make your decision a little easier, you need to begin by understanding the two brand’s purpose for their most popular and sought after runners.


Kayano 22's

One of the most recognisable models for Nike runners is probably their Free range with Flyknit upper technology, which is all about providing a flexible, natural fit, that is featherweight and virtually seamless – all in one layer. Providing a snug, sock-like fit, they allow you to move naturally while delivering ultimate comfort without added weight. If you’re a no-fuss, just-run type of person that wants total comfort throughout your run, then just do it with the Nike Free range to give you a good start to your morning jogs. The unconventional and flexible properties of its design will keep things simple and light.


Kayano 22's

On the other hand, if you’re a serious runner who wants more than “just another pair” of runners, ASICS might get you performing more in regards to enhanced stability and greater flexibility to deliver better running efficiency. The GEL-Kayano 22 is one of the most popular high-tech runners for those who are serious about sweating it out on the track, field or court. Engineered to provide the ultimate underfoot support as well as built-in GEL units for added cushioning and shock absorption, the GEL-Kayano 22 raises the bar, showcasing ASICS’ latest running footwear technology. If you consider the technicalities of a good running shoe, the GEL-Kayano 22 is a better choice for performance, pronation and efficiency.

Whatever makes you get up and running, start by asking yourself the purpose of your run – whether it’s a lifestyle or achieving a goal, it’ll lead you to your perfect running shoe, no sweat.

Shop your style:

Asics Runners

Nike Runners

5 Runners For Your Winter Workout

It’s official. Winter is coming, and while we know you’d rather be training for a Netflix marathon than an actual marathon, that’s no reason to kick your regular workout routine to the curb. If you’re lacking in fitness inspo for the off season, fear not – our top 5 running shoes are equipped with all the firepower you need to brave the chilly conditions and get ahead of the pack.

ASICS GEL-Kayano 22

Year after year, the GEL-Kayano continues to push the boundaries of running technology, and the 22 does not disappoint. Kitted out with ASICS’ signature GEL cushioning system, this COTD hot seller delivers in spades when it comes to comfort, fit and support.


Kayano 22's

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

Ever wanted to know what morphing into a human blur would be like? Behold, the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey! These bad boys feature a cloud-like foam midsole, lightweight but responsive cushioning, and breathable mesh construction for next level speed and stability. Your competition will be biting the dust so hard, they’ll wonder why they even bothered in the first place.


Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

Adidas Galaxy 2

Bring your ‘A’ game (yeah, we went there) the next time you hit the track in this slick style from Adidas. With ADIPRENE+ technology for incredible underfoot feel and impact protection, our epic range of colourways will have you lusting after a different pair for every day of the week.


Adidas Galaxy 2

Reebok Z Dual Rush

Staying quick and cool on your feet is easier said than done, especially when you’re simultaneously sweating in places you never thought possible AND trying to dredge up what little oxygen you have left in the tank. The Reebok Z Dual Rush is all about leaving the bulk behind, with a low-profile silhouette for 360° breathability and excellent traction.


Reebok Z Dual Rush

Saucony Triumph ISO

Strap yourself in for a ride you’ll never want to get off with this award-winning neutral trainer. PowerGrid tech ensures super plush comfort, while the stretch mesh sleeve gives you a custom sock-like feel while you’re racking up the kms.


Saucony Triumph ISO


Ready to step things up? Put the pedal to the metal and update your winter workout swag here!

How to Dress Denim 3 Different Ways

Denim is a man’s best friend (that’s what they say right?) Everyone owns a pair of jeans and knowing how to embrace your own style with your favourite pair means you can get away with wearing them pretty much anywhere. We’ve styled up three different looks with denim to take you from the streets to a fancy dinner and even out to the basketball court; our three ways with denim – men’s style edition.

1. Denim on Demin Street Style

Denim on denim can look awesome if done well. The trick is to wear multiple denim pieces of different shades to pull it off correctly. We love the look of dark denim jeans paired with a super laid back open denim shirt for that casual look and with some chunky Timberlands and classic Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies, this is the perfect any time street look.

Denim on Denim Street Style
Who said denim on denim can’t work? We are loving this street style!

2. Relaxed Sporty Denim

Denim style joggers are trending this year so we thought we’d throw together a sporty denim look with some of our favourites! You can’t go past a good pair of Nike trainers and some The North Face gear for the perfect relaxed sporty look!

How to pull off sporty denim
Relaxed and ready to hit the court.

3. Dressed Up For Night

Dark denim is the best choice for going out at night as it gives a more dressed up look. Throw on a sweet long sleeve shirt (those winter nights require sleeves) with a pattern that suits your style and some casual shoes and you’ll have a dressed up look without too much effort.

Dressed up Denim for Night
Dressed up Denim for Night.

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What styles would you love to see shoot next for Catch Culture?

How to Get Beauty Looks on a Budget – Talking Beauty with Brisbane Threads

Teagan from found some bargain beauty buys that she fell in love with. She created “6 Beauty Looks That Won’t Break The Bank” and we caught up with her to find out why she loves online shopping!

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog. What’s your niche? How would you describe your online shopping style?

I’m the editorial assistant for Brisbane Threads and work with a bunch of other talented, creative girls how contribute to the website along with the Brisbane Threads Founder Danielle Lewis. Our readers are predominantly young people who want to know what is happening in food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle news in our little part of the world – Brisbane.

My personal online shopping style is sometimes spontaneous and other times well thought through. However I’m always after a bargain and I love finding great prices at my favourite online sites that have something a little bit quirky about them.

What do you look for in a product?

I always look for good quality brands and products when online shopping because, although I love a good price, quality always comes first.

What do you love about online shopping?

The thing I love most about online shopping is that you can do it any time of the day, especially when you need a quick fix. I love that you can browse thousands of stores from the comfort of your couch and a lot of the time, get a great product for a great price. And you also don’t get sore feet!

Budget Beauty Brisbane Threads Instagram
Was there anything that caught your eye that you thought was a really good product/deal?
I was mostly chuffed with the beauty section, especially the items in the Napoleon Perdis range and a collection of great products for under $10 that were available on Catch of the Day.

Tegan posted about her budget beauty buys and created 6 Looks That Won’t Break The Bank , check it out on!


Which bargains did you find on Catch of the Day? 

I found a bunch of bargains on Catch of the Day, my favourites in the beauty section of the site. I found lots of great products from international and national brands, so it was tough not to buy everything that made its way into my cart.

Was there anything that caught your eye that you thought was a really good product/deal?

I was mostly chuffed with the beauty section, especially the items in the Napoleon Perdis range and a collection of great products for under $10 that were available on Catch of the Day.

How did you find the process of using the Catch of the Day App?

The Catch of the Day app was so easy to use. I could search the whole site and save things to my cart as I jumped around the store before deciding what products I was going to purchase. The checkout process was also very smooth and I have been notified at every stage of the process from when my order was placed to its dispatch and arrival date.

I made my Catch of the Day purchase from my bed on my iPad after a long day at work. It was a great way to unwind, browse the online store and spoil myself a little.

Thanks to Brisbane Threads for chatting to the Catch Culture Blog! You can check out their awesome stuff at Brisbane Threads.

The Beginner’s Guide to Nail Art – Nailing Polka Dots

By Alina Sheinkman

So you want to venture out and try something new with your nails, that’s great, but where do you start? Selecting a design can be hard with all the variety available…and then what colours to use? Well that’s a whole new story for another time.

One place to start is the classic polka dot. I have sifted through the million designs available and compiled a list of polka dot inspiration for the nail art novice.

A couple of things to keep in mind when venturing into nail art territory:

  • Start with a feature nail on each hand (usually the ring finger)
  • Keep it simple
  • Practice makes perfect

But ultimately anything goes! They are your nails and you can be as creative as you like.

The tools

If you plan on honing your nail art skills, it’s a good idea to invest in some dotting tools. They are quite cheap and come in various sizes. However, for the nail art novice there are some simple DIY alternatives, not to mention the trusty bobby pin.

polka dot nail art dotting tools
DIY dotting tools. Source

Invest in a good quality base coat and top coat. You have slaved away creating your designs so you want them to last and look like a masterpiece as long as possible, right? Putting a clear top coat every couple of days helps your manicure last that little bit longer.

How to in 4 easy steps

  1. Paint your nails with a base coat and 2 coats of your chosen nail polish colour
  2. Choose a contrasting colour for your nail art design
  3. Dip the tip of your dotting tool into your nail polish colour and lightly place a dot on your nail. Repeat until desired pattern is complete.
  4. Once completely dry, gently add a layer of top coat making sure not to go over the same spot twice (it will smudge!)


Big dots, little dots

After you’ve mastered the one feature nail and know the right quantity of nail polish to have on your bobby pin or dotting tool, you can venture into having a mix of big dots and little dots.

If you only have the one tool, experiment with different amounts of nail polish and having a lighter touch for smaller dots.

Otherwise, go back to the DIY tools and find one that will give you a nice size comparison.

Here are a few easy to achieve designs that are quite different but use the same simple technique.

Big and small polka dot nail art designs
A mix of big and small dots add a creative flair. Source: 1, 2, 3, 4.

French dots

The classic French manicure is so last season. Try painting a line of polka dots along the tip of your nails to create a funky new look. Your colour selection is endless.

Alternative French manicure with polka dot tips
A new take on the classic French. Source

Dots galore

You seem to be confident in your dotting technique now, so let’s expand on that. Creating consistently sized and spaced polka dots is a little more difficult, especially when using your non dominant hand. Take it slow and concentrate – no distractions here. The outcome is quite spottingly stunning.

Take ombre to the next level by laying out your spots with a gradient of colour. Let’s face it, all girls own many similar-but-slightly-different shades of nail polish, so why not use them all at once?

Full nail polka dot nail art and ombre nail art. Colour gradient.
Consistency is key to make these looks work. Source 6, 7.

You are not limited to just your finger nails, your toes could use a bit of fun polka dots too.

 Spottingly different

Now that you are an expert, here is a video tutorial for three designs that are surprisingly simple and yet achieve an expert look.

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OPI Colour Wheel – How To Paint Rainbow Nails in Water!

Are there any nail art techniques you would like to see next? Let us know in the comments.