What You’ll Need To Survive This Winter!

Don’t brave the cold without a good stock of winter warmers!

The brisk cold weather is hard enough to deal with for the sun loving folk, but it’s a great time to get snuggly on the couch and finally devour some delicious warming soups and slow cooked meals. So pour yourself a cup of chai and slip your warmest ugg boots on because this season is set to be a cold one!

8 Must-Haves For Your Winter Survival Kit

Winter Survival Kit



OZWEAR Connection Button Ugg Boot – Charcoal

Bodum Tea Maker Set With 2-Piece Glasses + Spoons – Light Blue

Coal The Lewis Beanie – Black

500 Slow-Cooker Dishes Cookbook

Happy Socks Men’s EU Size 41-46 Sock 3-Pack

Happy Socks Men’s EU 41-46 Multi Stripe Socks – Black/Blue

Chakra Chai Tea

1.7L Electric Soup Maker & Blender

For more tips to get you through this winter, our 5 Winter Style Must-Haves are great looks for the colder months.

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Workwear Looks for Under $60

Want to make getting up for work on a Monday morning just that little bit easier? Having to choose something to wear that looks nice can quickly turn from a fun task into a nightmare. For this we suggest grabbing a new outfit to throw on the morning that is comfortable, stylish and won’t cost your whole weeks paycheck!

All of these workwear looks can be achieved for under $60 with the right essentials:

Essential skirt for the working week

Tweed is a traditional office material and has a professional look, but it doesn’t have to look old. This fitted tweed skirt from FATE is perfect for winter workwear with a pair of black tights and a plain black top. If your workplace is more corporate, pair with a plain workshirt, if it’s more casual, a fun cardigan with lift the look.

tweed skirt

Fate Women’s Twiggy Skirt – Pewter Tweed 

Fate Women’s Mia Shimmer Cardigan – Storm/Stripe

Prints in the office

Office style so often gets stuck in grey and black tones, so why not add a print into the mix? A floral printed shirt adds sophisticated colour to a plain outfit without being over the top and will even pass to wear on the weekend going out for lunch or drinks.

Floral tshirt

SASS Women’s Madeline Blouse – Spanish Rose

Colour is encouraged

Don’t be scared of bold colour at work. In the right shade, a statement colour piece will stand out in all the right ways. We love this orange blazer for the office as the colour isn’t too crazy and the cream pockets and button accents give it a sophisticated style.


Lagogo Women’s Blazer – Orange

Don’t like colour? Go for textures!

If you’ve got more of a laid back style or you’re not a massive fan of colour, a textured jacket will add an element of interest to any outfit. This textured patterned jacket can be dressed up with essential workwear items or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

workwear wants

SASS Women’s Bobbie Jacket – Black/Grey

Classic look with a modern twist

Nothing looks more elegant than classic black and white. Create a fabulous silhouette with this sheer white and black FATE blouse over a black or white camisole. Pair with a classic black pencil skirt and some on trend skinny strap sandals.


FATE Women’s Good Intentions Blouse – Ivory

Sandler Women’s Declare Sandals – Black Glove

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Running Essentials: What to Wear for Workouts in Winter

The colder months are the hardest months of the year to stay motivated when it comes to working out. If you’re a gym junkie who lives for treadmills and weights machines then winter won’t bother your workout so much. But if you love to get revved up by hitting up walking trails and running tracks to get your blood pumping, then the winter months can be a little off putting. But we’ve got the guide to get you through!

It’s important to keep active in winter. Not only does it keep your fitness levels up in the cooler months, but getting outside for workouts is great for a healthy mind and extra energy boost.

We all know that the best way to encourage a good workout regime is by grabbing the right tools so we’ve got these tips for you on what you’ll need for your outdoor workouts in the winter months:

Layering is key

The stand out rule for keeping warm during workouts in winter is that layering is essential! When you begin your run you’ll start off extremely cold and will need a warm jumper or top layer to keep your body temperature up. A windbreaker is perfect as a top layer in the colder months. But as your workout progresses and your body temperature increases, you can slowly take off a few layers to feel more comfortable. Choose a vest as an extra layering option in winter to keep your core warm and your arms free.

New Balance Men's Momentum LS Tee - Cobalt Blue
New Balance Men’s Momentum LS Tee – Cobalt Blue
New Balance Men's Sequence Pant - Black
New Balance Men’s Sequence Pant – Black



Look for wind breaking and waterproof materials

Try to avoid wearing cotton clothing in winter as it tends to absorb moisture and isn’t great for providing insulation when the weather drops. Instead look for clothes with Gore-tex or Dry Fit fabric or other waterproof materials such as nylon or specific types of polyester to ensure you stay dry and warm during your workout.

Some New Balance items feature a LIGHTNING DRY® technology which uses special polyester yarns to wick away moisture which is great for workouts in winter.

Remember: It’s also important to protect your exposed skin by applying moisturizers and sunscreens to protect from the elements of wind and sun.

New Balance Women's Heathered Long Sleeve Top - Ruby
New Balance Women’s Heathered Long Sleeve Top – Ruby
New Balance Women's Sequence Pant - Black
New Balance Women’s Sequence Pant – Black


The right footwear

As the weather drops, wind, rain and ice can appear on the roads and tracks where you may be running so finding the right footwear for these conditions is essential. Look for shoes with lots of tread on the sole of the shoe as this will help to grip the road in wet conditions.

Winter workout temperature guide

The weather around Australia in winter varies from state to state from an average of 20°C up in Brisbane to an average of 10°C in Tasmania and can even drop to the negatives in Canberra and up in the mountains. Wherever your workout, our guide below is a great basis for how to layer up for a cold weather workout.

Running Essentials: What to Wear for Workouts in Winter
Running Essentials: What to Wear for Workouts in Winter


Looking to up your fitness levels? Read up on How to Pick A Fitness Tracker To Suit Your Workout Style for some advice on which tracking device will help you reach your workout goals.

Grab some essential running layers for your workout wardrobe, a new pair of workout shoes with good grip for wet conditions and you’ll have no more excuses!

Happy winter workout!


Top Napoleon Perdis Finds Under $50

Luxury Napoleon Perdis for under $50? Say What?!

Beauty lovers know that Mr Napoleon Perdis knows his stuff when it comes to making women feel gorgeous! He knows how to get the perfect foundation and makes amazing products that professional make up artists lust over. But who knew you could get such sweet deals on some of his top products? Here’s out top picks from Napoleon:

Top Napoleon Perdis Finds Under $50



Napoleon Perdis Nails Collection Pack – French Navy/Orange Sherbert

Napoleon Perdis Napoleon Perdis Creme De La Creme Eye Shadow – QuickSilver

NP Set Gloss & Go Duo Stain – Palm Beach

Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup SPF15

Napoleon Perdis Greatest Hits: Auto Pilot Collection

Napoleon Perdis Summer Lovers Self Tan Mousse 120mL

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5 Types of People To Avoid At The Gym

By Clara

If you’ve ever set foot in the gym you’re likely to have met all of these typical gym types. From the dedicated bodybuilders staring at themselves while they lift weights in the mirror, to the narcissistic selfie girl who hasn’t even worked up a sweat in fear that it will ruin her Instagram worthy shot.

If you want to get a good workout in next time you’re at the gym, here’s a list of five types of people to avoid at the gym:

1. The over-ambitious beginner

The over-ambitious beginner hasn’t been to the gym in years but has decided that this year they are going to get fit. You’re most likely to spot the OAB in the gym during the first few weeks of the year but other trigger points include birthdays or their ex getting a hot new partner. They turn up to BodyBalance and make a point of informing the instructor, and anyone else who’ll listen, that they are ALSO doing BodyPump. They say this with a hint of indulgent pride while insinuating that one class a night just isn’t enough. You’ll normally find them in a puddle of sweat on the floor twenty minutes into BodyBalance and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever see the OAB in the gym again.

 2. The professional

The professional gym-goer is much too good and they are ruining things for the rest of us. They are the girl in the Zumba class with eight years of ballet, jazz and tap experience and keeps their technique tight when the rest of us are just moving our bodies vaguely in time with the music. We’re in a community leisure centre that smells like BO and broken dreams lady, no need to act like you’re in the Royal Ballet! Keep an eye out for the professional gym-guy, who most likely did karate until he was 17 and despite a lapse of ten years believes that the women in the BodyAttack class need to work on their form.You call that a fist ladies!?

3. The over-sharer

The over-sharer is that person who desperately needs to show you the pictures of her kids on her phone. Hell, she wants to show you the photos of her next door neighbours kids. The over-sharer delays the start of the class by asking the instructor intrusive questions about his/her recent holiday to Vietnam. “But what was the exact name of the tailor who you use? Were they in the old quarter? How much did it cost? How long did it take and did they have new fashion magazines to use as guides?” The over-sharer is at the gym to make friends. Maybe they are really lonely. Maybe they actually just want to delay the start of BodyCore (and who can blame them). Whatever deep psychological issues underlie their needy condition, can they work it out somewhere else?

 4. The pickup “artist”

If the over-sharer above is often (but not always) a woman, the pickup artist is often (but not always) a man. We are sure some loving relationships and, let’s be honest, fantastic flings, have probably started with eyes meeting across a crowded spin class but the line between an adorable “meet cute” story and a“creepy guy asking me out at the gym” story is really thin. If you’re known for creepin’ at the gym you’re almost certainly on the wrong side of it (unless you’re Channing Tatum). Wearing gym clothes and sweatily failing to touch your toes while a pop song exhorts you to be sexy is already a vulnerable position and some dude in alarmingly see-through leggings asking you what you’re doing after class is certainly going to make you want to run for the nearest no-males-allowed Curves gym.

5. The team players

The team players are the types of people you have to assume can’t go to the bathroom without taking a buddy. They arrive in a throng, a posse, a gang. They are friends or siblings or partners (worst of all!). When you file into the class they will ask you to move so they can stand next to their bff, Regina. You really don’t want to move because this spot gives you the perfect view of the instructor while also allowing you to partially hide behind the person in front. They laugh and giggle during the class at their in-jokes and make a midweek cardio session feel like high school where you’re not allowed to sit with them. One day though, Regina won’t make it to class and Gretchen will be running late and you’ll get to see Karen look all lost and alone…savour that day.

If you manage to successfully avoid these five types of people during your next attempt to workout, well done, we salute you!

If you’ve ever been sucked into a conversation with an over-sharer, trapped by the pickup artist in the weights area or stuck next to the team players during a class, then you’re sure to have a funny story about it, so tell us in the comments!

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9 Top Brand Beauty Bag Essentials

Filling your beauty bag with quality brands shouldn’t cost a bucket!

Think you can’t afford top beauty brands like Revlon, Prada, Mac, L’Oreal and Benefit? Well, you’ve just got to know where to look! With a good set of brushes, a nude lipgloss and a highlighter palette, you’ll be red carpet ready (even if it is only a Monday morning back at work!). Fill your beauty bag for just a fraction of the price with these top brand beauty bag essentials.

9 Top Brand Beauty Bag Essentials:

9 Top Brand Beauty Essentials

Bella Make-Up Brushes 7 Piece Set

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner – Black

L’Oreal Color Appeal Eyeshadow – #152 Platinum Beige

MAC Tinted Lipglass – Nymphette

Thankyou. Hand Cream Orange & Almond 80mL

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Eyeshadow – #505 Impressionist

Benefit They’re Real Mascara Black 8.5g

Ciaté Paint Pot Serendipity 13.5mL

Prada Candy 30mL EDP

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