Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2015

We love a good techathon here at Catch HQ! Anything from gadgets, to accessories, to 3D/4D, and wearable technology makes us just little too excited. Looking ahead for the year, we expect there to be some incredible advances in technology coming our way in 2015, but what can we expect to blow-up (in the good way) this year!

Here’s five technology trends to keep your eye on this year:

1. 4K TVs (Ultra Insane HD TVs)

2015 for television technology means ultra high resolution! We’re talking 4K ultra high resolution. Yep, that’s a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels , twice as much as standard HD screens.

Think the minor-blemish-and-tiny-detail resolution of your fave HD documentary, then times that by two. This is bad news for people on diets – those cooking shows are now going to look even more delicious. Throw in a curved screen (seriously, curved screens. Hello 2015!) and imagine your telly even slimmer and smarter, and you’ve got a good idea of what this year is going to look like.

2. Oculus Virtual Reality

We’ve got four words for you – Virtual-Reality-Kicks-Ass! If you’re a gaming fanatic you would already be frothing over the accessibility of virtual reality gaming technology. Technology that gives you a full 360 degree view, while immersing you entirely within the gaming world. The behemoths at Facebook acquired the company in 2014, so now we can expect huge things from this seriously cool piece of tech – and not just the ability to play Virtual Reality Skyrim. Training sessions, cinema experiences, psychological therapy, and flight/surgery/fitness simulators – these are all things that you may see this year from the Oculus Rift. The future is here!


3. Internet of Things

As the ‘internet of things’ trend grows, companies are focusing on products that take integration to the next level. In terms of Smart home products, we’re talking washing machines that can be started with an iPhone app and send you an email or text message when your washing is done. Kitchen scales that can tell you the nutritional content of the item you are weighing! And for the girls? A smart mirror that shows you a picture of your makeup look before you put it on! Although these products will probably remain too pricey for the everyday household this year, it’s only a matter of time before our homes become just as smart (if not smarter) than we are!

4. 3D Printing

3D Printing has proved revolutionary in  previous years. Now, everything from human organs to cars and even creepy life-like versions of unborn babies can be printed using 3D printers. Trends predict that the drop of 3D printing costs will spark a boom in personal uses of the technology with some pre-order 3D printers retailing for around $350 AUD.  This technology will continue to push boundaries in 2015.


5. Wearable Technology

Wearables is one of the biggest buzzwords floating around the tech world these days, and for good reason. Wearable technology is growing rapidly in the form of fashion pieces, fitness devices and even medical technology. Watches are on the top of the wearables trend and, according to sources, the Apple Watch is rumoured to be released into the market in March of this year. Other wearables that target health and fitness such as Fitbit have increased in popularity through 2014 and will prove themselves as essential tech buys for 2015.

Fitbit capture


Best Tech Buy of 2014

In our best tech buy of 2014 category, GoPros were the hot item of last year and continues to trend into the New Year. With incredible GoPro footage released on YouTube every day, the merit of GoPros in producing extremely high quality video is only getting stronger. Just watching this GoPro footage of Skydiving formations is enough to make you lust over this product.

Honourable Mention

We are giving our honourable mention to the trend that dominated 2014, but it’s not necessarily the biggest technological advance so much as it basically involves an iPhone and a stick. None the less, we love a good selfie stick and I’m sure we will see the rise of these bad boys well into 2015.  It seems our endless search for the perfect selfie will continue.

Did we miss a major trend in our list? Let us know in the comments!