Catch Culture’s Guide to Taking an Awesome Selfie

By Jayden

Did you know there’s a Wikipedia page about how to take a selfie?

I didn’t, at least not until I typed, for the first time ever actually, the word selfie into the Google Machine. There’s actually some fairly interesting background regarding the art of the self-portrait, with the first recorded “selfie” being taken way back in 1939!

But that’s enough boring talk! You don’t care about history! You only care about taking selfies, selfies, and nothing but the selfies. Well, buckle up all you Facebookers, Tweeters and Instagramers; We’re going to look at how to take the most perfect selfie!

It’s all about size

Contrary to what every male on the planet says, size does matter, and when it comes to the subtle art of selfie taking, the smaller the better. We’re talking smartphones here, gutter-minds!

Yeah so okay, the kids today might be all about the iPhone 6 Plus and those weird looking “phablets” (big arsed phones that look like an iPad), but seriously, you’re going to want a smaller smartphone (because let’s face it, who’s actually using a camera to take selfies these days? Nerds.) in order to take better selfies. Because here’s the lowdown; The smaller the phone you’re using, the easier it is to one-hand snap those pics while striking your best pose.

Have you tried taking a happy snap of yourself and your friends with an iPhone 6 Plus? Pass! Something around the 5” or less size is just perfect, meaning iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, or even a Windows Lumia 930 (if you’re into Windows Phone…) should be your weapon of choice depending on your OS preference.

Always face the front

If you take one thing away from this blog, it should be this; Always use your smartphone’s front camera when taking a selfie. Under no circumstances are you to use the back, and far superior by a whole lot, camera. Ever! Y’all can complain all you want – waaaaah, the back camera has higher megapixels, and it makes me look better!!! – just no. No! Never!

When taking selfies you always run the risk of catching (see what I did there?) that particular angle that makes you look like the Elephant Man, and no one wants to see that. Using the front camera on your phone allows you to “preview” your selfie before you capture it (read: create a saved record of your horribly disfigured face). So use it. Simples.

To recap; Always use the front-facing camera when using selfies. Always!

Find your best angle (and work it, baby!)

So far we’ve covered that you should be using a smartphone no more than 5” in size (a teeny bit over is fine), and you should always be using your phone’s front camera. Next up is the subtle art of angles, and how important it is you locate your best possible angle, and work that puppy to the bone.

Apparently there’s this whole science surrounding the fact people prefer to snap a selfie of the left side of their face, or what have you; but that’s just silly talk. You use whichever side of your lovely face that doesn’t make you look like a rejected cast member of American Horror Story: Freak Show, be it your left side, right side, or the back of your head.

Buy a Selfie Stick

Oh yes, we’re going there. No doubt you’ve heard about the selfie stick, the phenomenon currently “catching” on in Australia (see what we did there?!). We sell ‘em here on Catch from time to time, and even I own one (after my grandparents bought one for my dad, for some reason, who in turn gave it to me). When it comes to the art of selfies, there is no tool better, other than your phone, than the selfie stick.

I could talk about the benefits of owning a selfie stick, and why such an invention is simply a gift from on high when it comes to taking group-selfies, or when you want to capture some stunning scenery in the background, but what I’m going to do is let Catch’s own selfie stick ad speak for the product itself;

“Picture this: You’re out on the weekend with your friends grabbing some dranks, and you suddenly realise y’all look amazing. You want to take an epic group selfie, but what’s that, your arm isn’t long enough? Oh no! Enter the Selfie Stick, the best way to take the “perfect selfie” each and every time!”

Silly faces are allowed, but duck face ain’t

This is pretty simple, but don’t use that gosh-darn duck face. It’s been overplayed to the point where even the ducks are laughing at you, at everyone. That said, however, feel free to use silly faces. The more obscure the better. After all, what’s the point of a selfie unless it’s silly and fun? Golly gee.

Got a better suggestion? Sound off below and let us know. In the meantime, I’ll be taking selfies in and around the Catch HQ.

Best Memes Of 2014 – The Unforgettable Meme Moments

by Tina
As we settle into 2015, we should take the opportunity to reflect on the ups and downs of the year 2014 in the form of memes.
Memes are probably the best thing about the Internet, they are little moments that truly make the web shine. Sometimes they restore your faith in humanity, and sometimes they make you not want to live on this planet anymore. 
In 2012, the Internet delivered unforgettable memes, such as, the Harlem Shake, Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend. 2013 took it to the next level and blessed us with the infamous art of twerking, the Doge, and Unflattering Beyonce. But out of all, 2014 tops the meme charts, with fitness fads to selfie sticks, and not to forget, Kim Kardashian’s badonkadonk that broke the Internet. Embark on a journey with us and relive all the web’s finest moments by looking back at the bizarre, weird, explicit, and hilarious events that broke the Internet.

1. Crossfit Fail!

Many first world problems occur on a daily basis, but do not, I repeat, do not, make this mistake. When your whole life flashes before you one day, you don’t want this moment to be flashing before you.
crossfit meme


The last few years have seen a surge in guys and girls jumping on the aesthetics wagon, in turn, this has changed the entire prospect of dating. To attain a state of ‘mirin, one must first learn to prioritise.
gym meme 3

3. The Ice Bucket Challenge Bandwagon

Just donate, seriously.
ice bucket meme 3

4. Convict Crush

 In June last year, a 30-year old convicted felon named Jeremy Meeks not only broke the Internet with those piercing blue eyes and his jawline made of steel, but also broke the hearts of countless women (and men) with his killer looks. So, anyone want to chip in for bail?
jeremy meeks meme 1

5. The Year of the Beard

Apparently, the rite of passage in which boys become men is now associated with how thick and big of a beard you can grow. Stick-on beard sales must’ve gone through the roof last year for those who are less fortunate and got stuck with bad genes. Lose your beard, lose your manhood.
beard meme 2 (1)

6. My Anaconda Don’t…

In 2014, the glorious behind became the new cleavage. From the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, to J-Lo and you-name-it, this is the year we publicly proclaimed “my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun”.
kim kardashian butt meme

7. Rise of the Selfie

Yes, we know, the art of taking ‘selfies’ was founded much earlier, but 2014 saw a phenomenal rise in selfie related incidents, or accidents. OMG, I just walked off the edge of a cliff… But first, lemme take a selfie


Wait a Minute

8. The Evolution of the Selfie Stick!

In 2014, the selfie evolved… it became bigger and better. The world presented the arrival of the selfie stick. Holiday photos will never be the same again, and you won’t have to worry about gypsies stealing your camera anymore. Just in case you didn’t get one as a Christmas gift, you can grab one here!
selfie stick meme 3

9. To Twerk or not to Twerk?

This was clubbing in 2014 post-Miley VMA awards when you’re standing in the middle of the dancefloor and everyone around you “be twerkin'”.
sponge twerk

10. It’s a hipster’s world

’nuff said. Hipsters are here to stay, in 2014 and beyond.

So it looks like 2014 was full of butts, beards and hilarious meme moments. Who knows what 2015 will bring!

What was your favourite meme of 2014? Post in the comments below!


Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2015

We love a good techathon here at Catch HQ! Anything from gadgets, to accessories, to 3D/4D, and wearable technology makes us just little too excited. Looking ahead for the year, we expect there to be some incredible advances in technology coming our way in 2015, but what can we expect to blow-up (in the good way) this year!

Here’s five technology trends to keep your eye on this year:

1. 4K TVs (Ultra Insane HD TVs)

2015 for television technology means ultra high resolution! We’re talking 4K ultra high resolution. Yep, that’s a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels , twice as much as standard HD screens.

Think the minor-blemish-and-tiny-detail resolution of your fave HD documentary, then times that by two. This is bad news for people on diets – those cooking shows are now going to look even more delicious. Throw in a curved screen (seriously, curved screens. Hello 2015!) and imagine your telly even slimmer and smarter, and you’ve got a good idea of what this year is going to look like.

2. Oculus Virtual Reality

We’ve got four words for you – Virtual-Reality-Kicks-Ass! If you’re a gaming fanatic you would already be frothing over the accessibility of virtual reality gaming technology. Technology that gives you a full 360 degree view, while immersing you entirely within the gaming world. The behemoths at Facebook acquired the company in 2014, so now we can expect huge things from this seriously cool piece of tech – and not just the ability to play Virtual Reality Skyrim. Training sessions, cinema experiences, psychological therapy, and flight/surgery/fitness simulators – these are all things that you may see this year from the Oculus Rift. The future is here!


3. Internet of Things

As the ‘internet of things’ trend grows, companies are focusing on products that take integration to the next level. In terms of Smart home products, we’re talking washing machines that can be started with an iPhone app and send you an email or text message when your washing is done. Kitchen scales that can tell you the nutritional content of the item you are weighing! And for the girls? A smart mirror that shows you a picture of your makeup look before you put it on! Although these products will probably remain too pricey for the everyday household this year, it’s only a matter of time before our homes become just as smart (if not smarter) than we are!

4. 3D Printing

3D Printing has proved revolutionary in  previous years. Now, everything from human organs to cars and even creepy life-like versions of unborn babies can be printed using 3D printers. Trends predict that the drop of 3D printing costs will spark a boom in personal uses of the technology with some pre-order 3D printers retailing for around $350 AUD.  This technology will continue to push boundaries in 2015.


5. Wearable Technology

Wearables is one of the biggest buzzwords floating around the tech world these days, and for good reason. Wearable technology is growing rapidly in the form of fashion pieces, fitness devices and even medical technology. Watches are on the top of the wearables trend and, according to sources, the Apple Watch is rumoured to be released into the market in March of this year. Other wearables that target health and fitness such as Fitbit have increased in popularity through 2014 and will prove themselves as essential tech buys for 2015.

Fitbit capture


Best Tech Buy of 2014

In our best tech buy of 2014 category, GoPros were the hot item of last year and continues to trend into the New Year. With incredible GoPro footage released on YouTube every day, the merit of GoPros in producing extremely high quality video is only getting stronger. Just watching this GoPro footage of Skydiving formations is enough to make you lust over this product.

Honourable Mention

We are giving our honourable mention to the trend that dominated 2014, but it’s not necessarily the biggest technological advance so much as it basically involves an iPhone and a stick. None the less, we love a good selfie stick and I’m sure we will see the rise of these bad boys well into 2015.  It seems our endless search for the perfect selfie will continue.

Did we miss a major trend in our list? Let us know in the comments!