6 Different Style of Watches You Need to Start Your Collection

In the world of fashion, there’s an ever-growing catalogue of different styles. So really, if you love wearing watches, owning one watch is simply not enough ;). There are sporty watches, dressy watches, and watches with quirks that add an element of interest to your style. Collecting watches is a growing style trend, so how do you get started?

If you’re looking to create a watch collection, here’s a few staple styles to get your started!

The sports watch

All the gym-junkies and sportswear lovers will be familiar with this style of sports watch. Usually found in bright colours with silicone or plastic bands. This style of watch is perfect when you’re working out or going for a walk with friends.

converse-women-s-the-skinny-watch-pink-greensurfwear watch mens

The vintage watch

Who doesn’t love a little bit of vintage? Throwback to when glamour and sophistication were the epitome of style. For the guys, we love this men’s Tommy Hilfiger leather watch with classic American style. For Ladies, go vintage with a rose gold Fossil watch with slim chain-style band and pair with some bracelets for a classic layered look.


The dress watch

Getting dressed up is the perfect occasion to don your latest timepiece. Great brands to look to for sophisticated, dressed up watches include Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs (just to name a few). Of course, we’d love to all own our our Cartier collection, but whose got that type of money sitting around?



The tech watch

Time to get digital! 21st century is all about digital and if you’re not into the whole Apple watch scenario then a good digital watch works well! Some even have Bluetooth functionality to link up with your smart phone. Great for getting call and email alerts and for those times when you need to find your lost phone.

casio-baby-g-analogue-digital-watch-yellow casio-g-shock-2nd-gen-bluetooth-smart-watch-black-

The leather band watch

Nothing says quality like a good leather band. Women’s leather band watches are great for both dressed up and dressed down occasions. Men’s watches in leather exude style and confidence; go for something with a light brown leather for a different look.


The quirky watch

For those times when you feel like wearing something fun, unique and a little bit out there! Go for something with bright colours, bold patterns and something that is bound to get you the right type of attention!











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Do you have a watch collection? What’s your favourite go-to style for watches?

The Black Luxe List

Lusting over designer style doesn’t have to be a daydream affair…

Nothing says designer luxury, than signature black pieces. A classic handbag, a good pair of heels and some wicked beauty buys are all you need to pull off the black luxe look!

Black Luxury


 The Black Luxe List

A checklist for the style hunter looking for a devilishly sleek look for less!

1. A classic and versatile handbag

The ultimate handbag is essential to pull off a luxury look. A woman’s handbag says a lot about her personality, so choose a look that suits you! Designer bags are sometimes way out of an average price range, but keep an eye out for signature black bags at discounted prices, as they never go out of style and suit any outfit.


2. A killer pair of shoes

Shoes are like the exclamation point  for an outfit! If you fall in love at the first sight of a pair of heels, the Vince Camuto heels in our shot are absolutely to die for! Keep an eye out for these sneaky heels on Catch of the Day for a limited time only! If the thought of heels is a little painful, you can still pull off the black luxe look with a great ballet flat.

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3. Audrey Hepburn sunglasses

A classic black look is always a little mysterious and a big pair of sunglasses gives the perfect touch of mystery. This look was made popular by Audrey Hepburn, with her signature dark sunglasses in the film classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A dark pair of sunnies will glam up any outfit!

4. A seductive scent

Choosing a perfume with a seductive scent is a fun way to play with a luxury style theme. We love Versace Crystal Noir inspired by haute couture fashion with a dark, deep and velvety scent!

5. Quality make-up essentials

Good quality make-up is essential to take this look to the next level. Think rich lipsticks, a good dark eye palette and a sweep of mascara for a polished, chic make-up look.


6. Mix in a touch of leopard print

Leopard print is a touchy subject for some people in terms of style. We say a touch of leopard print, done correctly, can be a guilty pleasure that we certainly approve of. Be careful not to over do it though! Look for leopard print accessories such as watches and/or shoes.

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Do you love this black luxe look? What would you add to make the ultimate luxury outfit? 

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