5 Types of People To Avoid At The Gym

By Clara

If you’ve ever set foot in the gym you’re likely to have met all of these typical gym types. From the dedicated bodybuilders staring at themselves while they lift weights in the mirror, to the narcissistic selfie girl who hasn’t even worked up a sweat in fear that it will ruin her Instagram worthy shot.

If you want to get a good workout in next time you’re at the gym, here’s a list of five types of people to avoid at the gym:

1. The over-ambitious beginner

The over-ambitious beginner hasn’t been to the gym in years but has decided that this year they are going to get fit. You’re most likely to spot the OAB in the gym during the first few weeks of the year but other trigger points include birthdays or their ex getting a hot new partner. They turn up to BodyBalance and make a point of informing the instructor, and anyone else who’ll listen, that they are ALSO doing BodyPump. They say this with a hint of indulgent pride while insinuating that one class a night just isn’t enough. You’ll normally find them in a puddle of sweat on the floor twenty minutes into BodyBalance and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever see the OAB in the gym again.

 2. The professional

The professional gym-goer is much too good and they are ruining things for the rest of us. They are the girl in the Zumba class with eight years of ballet, jazz and tap experience and keeps their technique tight when the rest of us are just moving our bodies vaguely in time with the music. We’re in a community leisure centre that smells like BO and broken dreams lady, no need to act like you’re in the Royal Ballet! Keep an eye out for the professional gym-guy, who most likely did karate until he was 17 and despite a lapse of ten years believes that the women in the BodyAttack class need to work on their form.You call that a fist ladies!?

3. The over-sharer

The over-sharer is that person who desperately needs to show you the pictures of her kids on her phone. Hell, she wants to show you the photos of her next door neighbours kids. The over-sharer delays the start of the class by asking the instructor intrusive questions about his/her recent holiday to Vietnam. “But what was the exact name of the tailor who you use? Were they in the old quarter? How much did it cost? How long did it take and did they have new fashion magazines to use as guides?” The over-sharer is at the gym to make friends. Maybe they are really lonely. Maybe they actually just want to delay the start of BodyCore (and who can blame them). Whatever deep psychological issues underlie their needy condition, can they work it out somewhere else?

 4. The pickup “artist”

If the over-sharer above is often (but not always) a woman, the pickup artist is often (but not always) a man. We are sure some loving relationships and, let’s be honest, fantastic flings, have probably started with eyes meeting across a crowded spin class but the line between an adorable “meet cute” story and a“creepy guy asking me out at the gym” story is really thin. If you’re known for creepin’ at the gym you’re almost certainly on the wrong side of it (unless you’re Channing Tatum). Wearing gym clothes and sweatily failing to touch your toes while a pop song exhorts you to be sexy is already a vulnerable position and some dude in alarmingly see-through leggings asking you what you’re doing after class is certainly going to make you want to run for the nearest no-males-allowed Curves gym.

5. The team players

The team players are the types of people you have to assume can’t go to the bathroom without taking a buddy. They arrive in a throng, a posse, a gang. They are friends or siblings or partners (worst of all!). When you file into the class they will ask you to move so they can stand next to their bff, Regina. You really don’t want to move because this spot gives you the perfect view of the instructor while also allowing you to partially hide behind the person in front. They laugh and giggle during the class at their in-jokes and make a midweek cardio session feel like high school where you’re not allowed to sit with them. One day though, Regina won’t make it to class and Gretchen will be running late and you’ll get to see Karen look all lost and alone…savour that day.

If you manage to successfully avoid these five types of people during your next attempt to workout, well done, we salute you!

If you’ve ever been sucked into a conversation with an over-sharer, trapped by the pickup artist in the weights area or stuck next to the team players during a class, then you’re sure to have a funny story about it, so tell us in the comments!

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Top 10 ‘Back-To-Work’ Workout Tips

By Gemma Jordan

So, it’s February. Even if your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions are still going strong, staying consistent with fitness around a full time job is hard. It hurts, it’s raining, you’re hungry, sore and tired from the daily grind – we get it! That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to power you through until 2016.

Revolutionise your commute                             

Take the rage out of your morning A to B. Can you walk, jog or cycle to work, or maybe get off the train a stop earlier? Use route planners or local cycle trail maps and see if you can find a way to get those endorphins pumping before you even open your emails.

Stand up for your health

Research suggests that sitting down all day can be pretty bad for your health – humans just weren’t designed for it! A few of the Catch team have been trialling stand-up desking and have already noticed improvements in their energy and well-being. Check out how stand up desks can actually help your posture. Not for you? Try taking calls standing up, walking meetings and talking to people face-to-face instead of messaging.

Lunch, to-go!

Forget dining at your desk; get up and get out (if it’s not raining). A 20 minute walk around the block can make all the difference in how you feel during the afternoon – making you more productive, and of course, upping your activity level for the day!

Get nerdy, stat

On that note, if you love results, a fitness tracker like the Garmin vivofit is exactly what you need to motivate you to up your movement. Trust us, once you get one of these on, it’s hard not to get a little obsessed with those stats!


Prioritise your time

Training around a 9-5 job can be a real challenge, but blocking off ‘exercise time’ and planning ahead are the key. Set your alarm an hour earlier, or pack your dinner to eat around 4pm (take lunch early) and train straight after work – freeing up the rest of your evening. If your office has a gym, sign up and avoid rush hour to boot!

Change it up

Doing too much of anything is never a good thing, and current research suggests that the body responds better when exposed to a different kind of movement from time to time. So, if you’re a die-hard runner, you might want to check out your local yoga studio or pool and if you live for Pilates, maybe mix it up with some HIIT training or CrossFit.

Yoga is a great activity to unwind and re-energise

Cut costs

If changing it up sounds like an expensive deal, it doesn’t need to be. Look for trial memberships (there’s plenty on Scoopon). Some yoga studios encourage you to offer your time to help out with cleaning and other tasks in exchange for free membership. If that’s not available, try some bodyweight training at home which requires zero equipment!

Eat for recovery

Hydrating and refuelling properly is the best way to recover after training. If time’s short, a coconut water and whey/pea protein shake blend or bliss balls will give you a boost, but try to eat ‘real’ food, dense in nutrients, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, leafy greens and whole grains like quinoa or brown rice.

Refuelling with a protein shake is the best way recover

Teamworking rocks

Your colleagues can be an awesome source of motivation and support, so why not see if a few of them want to do a 30-day challenge, sign up for a charity race or The Colour Run, or take up a new team sport together. You’re more likely to stick with it if you have company!

Snooze & you lose

Forget the Saturday sleep in – keep your body clock regular by getting up at the same time on the weekend as you do during the working week. You could use that extra hour to take a walk, work out, or even better, plan a fun activity like stand up paddle boarding or hiking!

Maybe you have your own ways of keeping on top of your health and fitness goals during busy work periods – post your tips in the comments section below!